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    Here's a quickie on what you'll want to watch in newgrounds so you can ignore all the newb crap in there. This is a big list and it took me approx 2.5 hours to create. I hope SOMEONE finds this useful :-/

    These animations are full of silly yet clean fun.

    BADGUYS - War-time fun. Go to Defcon 62!
    BADGUYS2:APPEASINGTHEGODS - Shutting your mouths! It is time for the cooking of you!
    DOWN AT JUICE BAR - After a hard day of world conquering, the Bad Guys relax at their local juice bar. Possibly my favorite one
    BAD GUYS IN SPACE - The Bad Guys head to space, where they take on a mysterious cargo. Yay! brand new cartoon!

    These animations are created by an ex-Disney animator. I've never seen flash animations this creative.

    BITEY OF BRACKENWOOD - Bitey is a nasty piece of work... but he'll get what's coming!
    PROWLIES AT THE RIVER - Bitey goes to the River for a drink.. but the place is occupied by Prowlies.
    LITTLEFOOT - The vast Brackenwood grasslands can be a dangerous place for a lost little bigFoot.
    THE YUYU - Bitey flees from the menacing YuYu cloud!

    BURNT FACE MAN - "Take that, crime, you shit!"
    BURNT FACE MAN 2 - Bastard Man's cheese isn't enough to keep this SuperHero from doing his job!
    BURNT FACE MAN 3 - A terrific stench is unleashed upon the city in this episode.
    BURNT FACE MAN 4 - Oh no! Burnt Face Man is upstaged!
    BURNT FACE MAN 5 - Burnt Face Man has quit!
    BURNT FACE MAN 6 - Burnt Face Man writes his own episode!

    ON THE MOON (EPISODE 1) - Today, we meet the Toast King, who rules over the moon!
    ON THE MOON (EPISODE 2) - Moon Histler pays a visit!
    ON THE MOON (EPISODE 3) - Today we visit the Toast King in his lovely apartment, on the moon.
    ON THE MOON (EPISODE 4) - An Australian astronaut and his pal make a phone call to an Englishman.
    - Anything can happen on the moon, especially at Christmastime!
    ON THE MOON (EPISODE 6) - Today we spy on some rocking chappies, cruisin the galaxy in their rocket.
    ON THE MOON (EPISODE 7) - Squids sure love to suck stuff!
    ON THE MOON (EPISODE - Invaders from space attack the moon!

    Possibly the best flash series to ever hit the net!

    SALAD FINGERS - Salad Fingers goes on a search for some rusty spoons to touch.
    SALAD FINGERS EPISODE 2 - Salad Fingers has a tea party but can't quite reach into the oven on his own. This one is my favorite. Best to watch it with friends!
    SALAD FINGERS EPISODE 3 - Salad Fingers enjoys nettles and stumbles across a nettle carrier.
    SALAD FINGERS EPISODE 4 - An odd boy-like creature takes a special interest in Salad Fingers!
    SALAD FINGERS EPISODE 5 - Salad Fingers enjoys a lovely picnic with his friends!
    SALAD FINGERS EPISODE 6 - Salad Fingers receives a gift from an old friend.
    SALAD FINGERS EPISODE 7 - the brave Kenneth has come back from the Great War to sew his wild oats!

    Monster would probably like these. Anime fighting, nothing else.

    XIN SESSION 10 - Welcome Varron Academy. As the school supervisor, Dimir welcomes the 1368 students with open arms. Not all the transfers are pleased at this second chance.
    XIN SESSION 11 - The true intentions behind Varron academy slowly emerge and some transfer students feel threatened. The temperature rises as Ghai's plans to take over Varron are challenged.
    XIN SESSION 12 - It becomes evident the attitude towards the transfer students is hostile. XIN discovers more of what lies underneath the shadows of the school.
    XIN SESSION 13 - Danger closes in on Legend and XIN. Andre is given a tough decision to make. It's time for XIN and Legend to turn the tables and show the Varron students what they're made of.
    XIN SESSION 14 - Dimir and his students regroup for planning. For a short while, everything calms down and some of the students enjoy the city fair. This peace won't last for long.
    XIN SESSION 15 - Several characters end up getting owned!
    XIN SESSION 16 - The pillars of Varron Academy begin to crumble in the 16th session of the series.
    XIN SESSION 17 - Events fall into place for the final showdown.
    XIN SESSION 18 (FINALE) - It all comes down to this. The half-hour finale!

    Silly yet clean fun, just like BAD GUYS.

    BLOCKHEAD: EPISODE 1 - An idiot and his conscience try to understand one another.
    BLOCKHEAD: EPISODE 2 - Blockhead masters the art of tele-shopping.
    BLOCKHEAD: EPISODE 3 - Blockhead becomes desperately attached to his television.
    BLOCKHEAD: EPISODE 4 - Blockhead celebrates Halloween... on the wrong day.
    BLOCKHEAD: EPISODE 5 - Blockhead tries to salvage a fleeting day.
    BLOCKHEAD: EPISODE 6 - Blockhead finds trouble out in the mean city.
    BLOCKHEAD: EPISODE 7 - Blockhead would never tell a lie.
    TIME SQUAD [PART 1] - An unlikely team comes together to thwart the sinister whim of a time-traveling madman.
    TIME SQUAD [PART 2] - Our heroes continue their pursuit at the heels of the maniacal scientist.
    TIME SQUAD [PART 3] - The fanatical madman is finally the End of Time!

    CAPTAIN LOW-REZ EP.1 - Captain Low-Rez and the Pixel of Destiny!
    CAPTAIN LOW-REZ EP.2 - Captain Low-Rez and the Space Pirates!
    CAPTAIN LOW-REZ EP.3 - Captain Low-Rez and the Parallel Processor [OF DOOM]!

    CLAVEMAN EP. 1/5 - And the journey began.
    CLAVEMAN EP. 2/5 - Claveman gets paranoid about losing his biscuits.
    CLAVEMAN EP. 3/5 - The third insert of the five-part Claveman Season!
    CLAVEMAN EP. 4/5 UNO - Hey, is that Meatwad?!
    CLAVEMAN EP. 4/5 DEUCE - Claveman's little friend has a robot imposter. Great Pokemon spoof begins!
    CLAVEMAN EP. 5/5 ALPHANZO - Claveman competes in the Yokemon Tournament and goes to Popeyes for biscuits!
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    Mindless killing == Quake player's heaven

    MADNESS COMBAT - Who would think the Chicken Dance would lead to such mayhem!
    MADNESS REDEEMER - Our hero is off to find the Sheriff, and kill everyone who gets in his way!
    MADNESS AVENGER - He's back for more! Will the mass killing ever stop?
    MADNESS APOTHEOSIS - You know it just keeps getting better and BETTER!
    MADNESS DEPREDATION - Nothing like an evil clown to stir things up!
    MADNESS ANTIPATHY - The sixth official episode of Madness, by Krinkels!

    These guys freakin rock! Watch the old episodes while you're at it.

    TOMORROW'S NOBODIES EP.1 - The Invention Convention is coming to town!
    TOMORROW'S NOBODIES EP.2 - Ever have one of those days where you're just stuck on fire?
    TOMORROW'S NOBODIES EP.3 - This latest episode can't be missed! 16 minutes of funny!
    TOMORROW'S NOBODIES EP.4 - There's nothing to eat in the house, so David buys a cow... that talks!
    TOMORROW'S NOBODIES EP.5 - The guys look for a new house. Your new favorite episode!
    CHASE 'N' PAC-MAN - Ever pondered how great it would be to live side by side with the legendary Pacman?
    **** SLAPPED - The title says it all... Or at least half of it... maybe.

    Possibly the goriest flash movies to ever hit the net.

    (OLD VERS)DEAD RAIN 1 - This movie contains the prologue and the first episode!
    (OLD VERS)DEAD RAIN 2 - Riggs and Clemens search for the transmitter, will they make it out alive?
    (OLD VERS)DEAD RAIN 3 - More zombie carnage than you can shake a severed limb at! Hordes of hungry zombies try to finish off Riggs!
    (OLD VERS)DEAD RAIN 4 - Cornered and faced with certain death, Riggs tries to escape! Meanwhile a new enemy emerges!
    (OLD VERS)DEAD RAIN 5 - Surrounded by thousands of zombies, no weapons, and no hope, will Riggs finish what the now dead survivors started, or will he become zombie chow?

    "WATERMAN" - The pilot episode that started it all!
    "WATERMAN" EP. II PART I - The second episode was so massively awesome, it comes in two installments!
    "WATERMAN" EP. II PART II - Who will become the victor of the most physically demanding and unbeleiveably stupid sport in the world: The Mighty Fighty Shushbugs, or team Gundam?
    "WATERMAN" EP. III - Join Waterman and the gang on another wacky adventure filled with awesomeness and armadillo abuse. It's Christmas!
    "WATERMAN" EP. IV - Waterman and the gang are back again to accomplish pretty much nothing.
    "WATERMAN" EP. V - Set course for adventure with Waterman, Pal, Ice Cream Girl, Roy-Bot, and Mr. Dillo in this mix of Pirates of the Caribbean and Kill Bill!
    "WATERMAN" EP. VI - Waterman and the gang find a film reel in the closet from 1926 containing a film entitled Watergent!
    "WATERMAN" EP. VII - Waterman and the gang become horrifically addicted to the new product Bacones!

    DCK: OH, BABY! - Vallos and Klunk are playing video games when Cycon comes in and tells a joke that leads to trouble!
    DCK: CYCON DOOBY DON'T - An entire orphanage is abucted! I love this one!
    DCK: A VERY KLUNK X-MAS - With a Ghost of Christmas Disease, Cycon, Jazz, Damien and others, this Christmas rocks!
    DCK FANMAIL #1 - Cycon answers the first fanmail!

    There are thousands of these flash movies in weebl's website

    WEEBL AND BOB: PIE - The first ever Weebl and Bob cartoon!
    WEEBL AND BOB: WEE-LO - The first episode Weebl submitted to NG!
    WEEBL AND BOB: DONKEY - Early Weebl and Bob toon featuring Donkey's first appearance.
    WEEBL AND BOB - HENTAI - Weebl and bob jump on the hentai bandwagon, with some adorable outfits!
    WEEBL AND BOB - KUNG FU - Weebl and friends in a kung fu film trailer!
    WEEBL AND BOB - PIKEA PT1 - Weebl and Bob travel to their favorite store!
    WEEBL AND BOB - PIKEA PT2 - The epic saga continues!
    WEEBL AND BOB - PIKEA PT3 - The startling conclusion to our adventure!
    TEAM LASER EXPLOSION - Weebl and Bob are superheroes!
    TEAM LASER EXPLOSION 3 - Team Laser Explosion are back and ready for action!
    WEEBL AND BOB TLE CLUB - Now you too can join the Team Laser Explosion Secret Fan Club!
    WEEBL AND BOB - BAND - It's a sticky situation for this aspiring jam band!
    WEEBL AND BOB - GOTHIC - Weebl gets his sing on only for Bob to ruin it.
    WEEBL AND BOB - PAPER - Weebl sings songs from his childhood. bob has questions!
    SALAD WEEBL - Parody mix-match of the Salad Fingers and Weebl and Bob series!

    XOMBIE: CHAPTER 2 - Zoe awakens in the layer of Dirge, a hybrid zombie with a mind of his own.
    XOMBIE: CHAPTER 3 - Dirge, Zoe and Cerebus find themselves at the mercy of an abandoned circus, and all the horrors lurking in its shadows.
    XOMBIE: CHAPTER 4 - Dirge, Zoe and Cerberus hike toward Destiny City, coming face to face with a few of its more violent inhabitants. Could one of them be the oldest zombie “alive?”
    XOMBIE: CHAPTER 5 | REEL1 - Introduction of Nephthys, an ancient Egyptian who has been brought back by the xombie germ.
    XOMBIE: CHAPTER 5 | REEL2 - A mysterious robot picks up on the groups conversation and calls for others.
    XOMBIE: CHAPTER 6 - Our latest toon finds Dirge, Zoe and Cerberus face to face with a mysterious enemy...
    XOMBIE: CHAPTER 7 - Dirge faces the Vulture, a mysterious battleship piloted by his otherworldly nemesis!

    MEGA MAN VS. QUICK MAN - The best Megaman fight scene ever to grace the web! I love this!
    ROCKMAN NEO - Ultra-slick Megaman tribute! Makes me drool... oldschool!
    MEGAMAN VS GEMINIMAN - By popular demand!! The epic battle of Megaman vs Geminiman! I love this too!
    MEGAMAN'S MASSACRE - No more multiple choice for Megaman, he's taking them all on! Hardman lasts .5 seconds in this film!
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      THE PEOPLE'S MARIO - Based on the rumor that Mario contains communist propaganda. Check out this website that started it all
      SUPER MARIO RELOADED - Watch Mario kick agent Luigi's ass! (3000 sprites) Best Matrix fight scene is now the best Mario fight scene
      DUMBASS LUIGI - This time, Luigi screws around with the Mushroom Kingdom.
      DUMBASS MARIO- The Mushroom Kingdom will never look the same.
      SUPER MARIO MISHAPS - Watch Mario screw up and get hurt in Mario Mishaps!
      JEREMIE'S MARIO - Pulp Fiction meets Mario! This is the fucking bomb! Nothing like the pussy ass Mario we know today.
      RISE OF THE MK: PART 1 - Inspired by the previous film, Randy Solem continues the new movement towards dark Mario movies.
      RISE OF THE MK: PART 2 - Somone started a rumor of a naked Samus in the movie... can you really find her?
      RISE OF THE MKART 3 - The battle rages on, with a huge twist!
      RISE OF THE MK: PART 4 - The exciting conclusion to this epic saga!
      MARIO BROTHERS - PART I - This ominous film reaches a dark new level for Mario spoofs and inspired the Rise of the MK series.
      MARIO BROTHERS - PART II - Mario Brothers, tragic tale, part II.
      MARIO BROTHERS - PART III - Luigi is dead, but Mario won't accept that.
      MARIO BROTHERS - PART IV - Bowser has the Princess cornered. Will she escape?
      MARIO BROTHERS - PART V - The final part of the Mario Brothers series.
      MARIO VS. SONIC S.E. - Mario and Sonic fight it out once and for all!
      SUPER MARIO: TOADS RAGE 5 - Mario is back and trouble is brewing! Toad is pissed and takes out his frustration on Mario

      Any fan of Starcraft will have to watch this series

      STARCRAFT: RECONNOITER - Join the squad as they explore a deserted installation!
      STARCRAFT: THE RETURN - The squad gets into more hot water returning to the installation!
      STARCRAFT: ALLIANCE - Alliances are forged and battles fought as a new threat is discovered in Episode III!
      STARCRAFT: THE HUNT 1/2 - The Alliance sizes up against their gargantuan foe in Episode Four!
      STARCRAFT: THE HUNT 2/2 - The Alliance clashes with the Zerg Swarm in Episode 4 part 2!

      LINK VS GANONDORF - Link and Ganondorf's last battle. Both will discover the true power of the triforce.
      ZELDA: HEROIC RAGE 7 - The raging saga continues...
      ZELDA: HEROIC RAGE 8 - 7 Years have passed...

      CT: "THE FATED BATTLE" - The epic battle of Crono, Marle and Frog againts magus! A non-sprite Chrono Trigger movie! Quadraptor approves this film
      EB: THE KING AND I - When Earthbound and CT characters act out a scene from The Family Guy, you know it will rock.
      DE_DUST - Some of the best CS action on the web!
      DE_AZTEC - Follow-up to DE_Dust and the pinnacle of CS movies!
      I HATE YUO MYG0T 2 - The tragic coming-of-age tale of some geek who gets waaaay too mad playing CS. I LOVE THIS ONE. This is a classic!
      EARTHBOUND OUTTAKES - Check out the behind-the-scenes goofs on the set!
      FINAL FANTASY A+ - One of the best quality FF spoofs we've seen, by a student studying Japanese!
      BLACK MAGES 5 - A bunch of Black Mages wander around causing trouble for the party. Any fan of Final Fantasy (the first one) will have to watch this
      PERFECT KIRBY 3.1 - The first part of the Perfect Kirby 3 triligy.
      PERFECT KIRBY 3.2 - The second part of the three part PK3 triligy!
      PERFECT KIRBY 3.3 - Kirby meets George Bush in this final installment of PK3!
      MK VS. SF 2 - Ryu crosses dimensions and enters the world of Mortal Kombat Best SF2 fighter vs best MK fighter. Rock on!
      KNOXS "MORTAL KOMBAT"3 - Knox does his take on Mortal Kombat. This is worth a watch
      ++NES COLLAB++ - A tribute to your favorite NES games!
      DD : JIMMY'S REVENGE - Here's what happened after the Billy and Jimmy faught in the original Double Dragon.
      DD II : THE REVENGE - Fun memories of Double Dragon, with some new twists! Double Dragon I-III are the best games to play with friends but II holds the best memories
      BANJO-THREEIE - Finally, a spoof on Banjo Kazooie!
      THE DOOM PROJECT - A tribute to that classic gaming series. DOOM!

      ALIEN HOMINID - Metal Slug fans rejoice! Run, jump, shoot and bite the heads off your enemies!
      DOMO-KUN ANGRY SMASHFEST! - Domo takes on the Powerpuff Girls in the greatest battle of all time! Best Game Ever!
      FIRE MAN - INCOMING STORM- Extremely well made game starring Fire Man! It's a challenge! This game is hard but I've beat it
      ALLOY: ARENA - Run, jump, punch, shoot and transform your way through this tough urban environment! LOL at Sole
      CHAINSAW THE CHILDREN - You've got some badass weaponry, and they don't! LOL
      DAD 'N ME - Kids learn from their parents... And this kid goes on a rampage! River City Ransom anyone?
      DOOMED - Kill everything in this evil hybrid child of Smash TV and Gauntlet!
      MEGAMAN VS METROID - Awesome playable remake of Metroid, but you control Megaman rather than Samus!
      MEGAMAN VS GHOSTS&GOBLINS - Hands down one of THE BEST Flash games ever made! A must-see!
      TIP-A-COW - Your fate is chosen... You are chosen to be The Cowtipper. Can you rise to the occasion? The Hell Cow is hard to tip without cheating
      ULTIMATE FLASH SONIC - One of the best video game remakes ever in Flash! Go kick Eggman's butt!
      CAPT. LOW-REZ: BLASTOPOD - Behold, Blastopod! It's like Atari on Acid, you will be instantly hooked!
      IM ATTACK!! - Don't you hate it when you log in to AIM and get swarmed with IMs?
      DCK: DRUNK KLUNK - Play as Klunk and get as drunk as possible before the bar closes! This game is still addicting
      SPLOOGE INVADERS - Save Damien's Social Life! The moral of the story is, you can never win
      CASTLEVANIA PRIEST BATTLE - Forget Dracula, it's time to go after that damned priest! Lol Jesus is ez
      WEEBLMIXER - A little mixing tool with sample player and mixing desk.
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        CT "The Fated Battle", very very awesome!

        Obviously if you didn't know I'm a huge Chrono Trigger fan.


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          A lot of people are so I figured

          Oh fei! I forgot to add Pallid Fingers:

          PALLID FINGERS - Scribblyhead and Oddface's visit to Red Robin goes wrong in this Salad Fingers parody.
          PALLID FINGERS 2 - The lucrative nettles trade is almost uncovered on Salad Finger's birthday!


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            OMG dude this is awsome! great job!


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              I'll get back to you in about a year. Ya see that's when I'll have absolutely no life from watching these.

              I don't see this big fad on the forums about posting links to things that A- You didnt make or B- Have nothing to do with anything remotely entertaining.
              "It's called being awesome, maybe you should try it." -Bank


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                Newgrounds has a lot of crap on it. This merely filters out the crap. You're just mad cause I only added 2 sonic links and didn't give sonic his own section . Just so I can keep Bank happy, here ya go

                MARIO VS. SONIC S.E. - Mario and Sonic fight it out once and for all!
                ULTIMATE FLASH SONIC - One of the best video game remakes ever in Flash! Go kick Eggman's butt!


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                  I updated the list with some Canadian*Sniper commentary. Enjoy!


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                    There's been a few updates

                    These guys came up with starcraft maps to fit the flash movies. Pure genious!

                    STARCRAFT: INFESTATION - The Squad clashes with the might of The Swarm in Episode 5! Ok seriously guys. This episode has infested terran! INFESTED TERRAN! Like OMFG!

                    XOMBIE: CHAPTER 8 - Dirge and Zoe are at the Acropolis doors, as Nephthys faces off with the grunts.

                    HIGHER AND HIGHER! - Jump as high as you can. I got 79 in hard mode


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                      Originally posted by Bank View Post
                      I'll get back to you in about a year. Ya see that's when I'll have absolutely no life from watching these.
                      Bank, Canadian Sniper can watch these and have a life.

                      He watches them at work, so he is actually getting paid to watch them AND he can do fun stuff and have a life.

                      It is the best of both worlds, heh :d
             - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

                      So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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                        He forgot my two favorites:

                        My Goats Like To Travel 1

                        My Goats Like To Travel 2

                        Trust me, if you hate Dick Cheney then you'll LOVE part 2!


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                          eh? I watched these since I was in highschool And I do have a life FYI. I fought, I hurt, I travelled, I loved, I jumped, and I mocked.

                          edit: I have yet to Listen


                          I didn't know those were posted on newgrounds
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                            I actually found Part 2 somewhere else, then stumbled upon Part 1 on Newgrounds and found out Part 2 was on there too.


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                              Here's a fun reflex game =D

                              Stage 7 =D

                              Stage 8 =(