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  • For Diablo and RPG lovers

    I found out this amazing game called Shadow Flare. It's really nice, all in Diablo style. You have quests, can get rare itens, kill monsters, many dungeons...

    You can even play online! But remember: Althought you can play online, It's NOT a MMORPG.


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    You ever try Nethack? It came out a long time before Diablo and is the game that Diablo is more or less based on. Like a lot of Rogue-like games? If you haven't heard of it or played it I highly recommend it if you can get passed the text mode graphics. They put everything into that game including the kitchen sink. You can do things like turn yourself into a cocitrice, lay eggs, turn yourself back, put on gloves, then throw the eggs at enemies as grenades that turn them into stone. And its a small download and free too. Also, if any of you have heard of rogue-like games and like quake and Doom. Check out Doom RL at

    It's really cool.

    The nethack site is

    Hope some of you check these out and enjoy.


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      I will sure do! Thank you a lot Legend!

      edit: I jsut checked the game. I don't care about the graphics. Would you give me some hints on how-to-start? I choosed the healer class.
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        On the topic of d2 lovers.. keep an eye out for <a href="">Sacred 2</a>

        If your up to date on ur homework; it would be like titan quest to the next power, evolution.



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          Man, I used to play Diablo and D2 a shitload. Wouldn't mind playing a game like that again.


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            Diablo and d2 are still around and still functioning. But its long past its thriving prime.



            I've tryed to recapture that diablo essence by trying some of the games mentioned namely sacred, titan quest. But they each got less than 10 hours of gameplay and now there collecting dust on my bookshelve.

            I'm really excited for hellgate london(a huge chunk of the team worked on diablo.. former blizzard employees) though, been following the progress of that game for two years or a little less. So whenever it comes out i'll be there.


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              InvincibleDrone wrote:

              I'm really excited for hellgate london
              Dude, are you talking about that FPS game in Dialbo style? IT RULES!


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                I played sacred 1 a bunch back in 05 , Sacred 2 will definetly bet the game of the year