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  • PC Hardware / Video Card help

    Ok first, here's my system specs:

    My current video card is an nvidia geforce 4 ti4200 agp

    Now I want to upgrade my video card. Can you give me suggestions on what I should upgrade to for under $200, perferably under $150? I am not very knowledgable when it comes to hardware and I'm unsure of what is compatible with my system. According to the specs I have an AGP 2x/4x so will an AGP 4x/8x card work?

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    Actually I would go for a whole new machine if I were you, AGP4X is like stone age.

    You can use any card that was designed for use with AGP 8X/4X, it will just work a little slower.

    Try this:


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      GeForce 7600 GT $180~ +/-

      Codename: G73, 90-nanometer technology 12 Pixel shaders, five Vertex shaders, 12 Texture units, eight Raster operations processors 128-bit memory bus 560-MHz core, 700-MHz DDR (1400 MHz Effective) Memory

      The 7600 GT is an amazing card in this price range, sporting new SM 3.0 technology and very high clock speeds to deliver excellent performance. Its weakest feature is its 128-bit memory bus, but its high memory speeds offset that disadvantage and make it competitive with 256-bit cards like the X800 XT/X850 XT and even the 7800 GS. The worst thing we can say about the 7600 GT AGP is that the upcoming X1950 PRO shouldn't cost much more money, but will outperform it easily.

      Source for above. Where I get all my info from.

      Places to buy/get the best price:

      Merchant Hound

      In my machine that I have now is a 6600 GT. Great card, no problems and satisfies me. Really hope this helps.

      I will find you... it's only a matter of time.


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        After doing some more research I think I'm going to get the 7600 GS. From what I read, the GT requires a larger PSU and my Dell system only has a 250W PSU. From what I've read on the Dell support forums, many have said the 7600 GS is the best option for the older Dell models that still use AGP.


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          getta ATI Radeon 9800 Pro.

          as low as $79 on

          Best Video card I've owned and it can play HalfLife 2!

          Quake One Resurrection

          Great Quake engine

          Qrack 1.60.1 Ubuntu Guide
          Get Qrack 1.60.1 running in Ubuntu!


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            Just got and installed my BFG nvidia GeForce 7600GS OC!! It works great so far! Running Qrack at 1680x1050 and getting steady 60 FPS


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              i HAVE A Evga NvIDIA 6600GS agp x8 128mb ram, running 1440x900x32 (digital flatscreen) at 75hz solid


              1024x768x32 @ 100fps soild on my 19" crt.

              never tried over clocking but my rig, this winter, runs at 109 degrees cpu, and 68 deg. mobo but i mainly play quake , some hl2!