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  • Slayer
    Led Zeppelin
    Black Sabbath
    Pink Floyd
    David Bowie
    Bob Dylan


    • Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post

      Yes it's all single files in I believe wav format. Let me get to a coffee shop or something to upload it. It's huge and I don't want to burn up my hotspot over this. Maybe I'll go to the CS to today.

      Regarding your other post. I love Pantera, have everything by them and can even play a bunch of it on guitar and bass. I would totally listen to some Bon Jovi. Why not? He wrote some good tunes for his genre. "I listen to X so I can't listen to Y" is silly. It's like saying "I wear boots so I can't wear tennis shoes". Versatility gives you more options.

      Would you pass up all the tail at a Bon Jovi concert because you have to listen to Bon Jovi to get it? I bet you would figure out real damn fast how to love the hell out of some Bon Jovi. I'd show up already knowing how to play 5 or 6 of his songs fir the after party that will appear at my house when the bars close.

      Bon Jovi is waaaaay better than that Christmas album you posted.
      Yeah well... Pantera doesn't suck. Bon Jovi does. It's fuckin' butt rock. I don't make the rules. There's laws governing the universe of Metal which were created by the Lord God Ozzy Osbourne, his only begotten son Lemmy, and the (slightly flaming) Holy Spirit Rob Halford. These laws dictate things like Bon Jovi sucks, Winger is a ballet dancing unmetal poser, Fred Durst is a false prophet, Chuck Schuldiner is the first holy saint of death metal, Dimebag Darrell was the John the Baptist of metal, Glen Danzig is just a short little asshole, and Eddie Trunk is an annoying fat little jew nerd.


      • @danzig is an asshole

        No doubt! I got in an almost fight with him in 1991 at the New Orleans Music Hall. I had a huge crimson ghost painted on the back of my leather jacket. All I asked him to do was sign it. He said something really shitty indicating that there was something deficient about me for liking The Misfits. I said "Fuuuuuck you, midget boy!" He apparently really did not like that. He took a swing at me and missed. I took a swing at him and missed cause his roadie or something was pulling him away at the exact same time and then my friends pulled me away.

        You know who isn't an asshole at all? John Christ. I met him at a bar the same night and he was your average interesting weirdo.

        Honestly, I would have beat the fuck out of Danzig. I don't know if Danzig knew it but, my friends did. The joke all night was "Danzig was about to get his ass whooped by his biggest fan."

        Chuck Schuldiner is apparently also an asshole cause he can't hold a band together for more than one album. The Death - Human album was arguably the best one but Chuck can't take much, if any credit for that. Basically Cynic made that album what it was. I saw death live for the human tour and the musicians he had couldn't even hit all the notes from that album. Paul Masvidal was waaaaay better than whoever the fuck he had doing it live.
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        • Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
          Chuck Schuldiner is apparently also an asshole cause he can't hold a band together for more than one album.
          IS? Can't hold a band together for more than an album? No, not when he's dead and has been that way since 2001. Furthermore, if you ask anyone from the 90's Tampa death metal community about Chuck, they all say he was the nicest guy. I can sorta confirm that, as I met him more than once, and he was never anything but friendly. As for lineup changes, that was usually not a conflict of personalities as much as it was a conflict of schedules and commitments. His band members were always from other bands who had their own tours and schedules. If you ask me, it speaks to their character that they were willing to go BACK to those bands and stay loyal even though they had landed a gig in arguably the most popular band in the genre. With each album, his music became more complex and technical, so it required musicians who were highly skilled. He never had problems finding guys either. He was such a notoriously nice guy and considered one of the best song writers in the business that any musician in the scene would've loved to have been selected to join his band for an album.

          Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
          The Death - Human album was arguably the best one but Chuck can't take much, if any credit for that.
          Only ALL the credit. He wrote ALL the songs... on pretty much ALL of the Death albums. The only exceptions being on Leprosy, when 2nd guitarist Rick Rozz helped with some writing, and on Spiritual Healing where James Murphy and Terry Butler co-wrote some of the songs. And then he did a cover of Judas Priest's Painkiller on Sound of Perseverance. For his post-Death band Control Denied, he wrote everything although he didn't perform vocals. He wanted to have another vocalist so he could focus more on improving his guitar playing and performance when playing live. Most folks don't remember, but he also did a short stint in a band with Dave Lombardo called Voodoocult for one album, although he didn't write anything.

          Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
          I saw death live for the human tour and the musicians he had couldn't even hit all the notes from that album. Paul Masvidal was waaaaay better than whoever the fuck he had doing it live.
          He didn't have a different tour lineup. The same musicians from the studio toured in support of the albums, maybe with the addition of 1 extra guitar player sometimes. Death metal bands in the 90's were never rich famous rock stars who could afford to hire 2 different full bands. In his lifetime, Chuck Schuldiner usually only made a very minor profit as a musician, which is kinda why he's dead. He didn't have the money for proper health insurance, and without the proper cancer treatments, he didn't stand a chance. It wasn't until after the 90's that bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel became "legendary" status that any of them actually saw any considerable profits. Even ex-Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes who lucked up and struck it rich with Six Feet Under in the early 2000's could only afford a USED Porsche and modest one story house in the suburbs sorta-near the beach. That's what was so cool about the underground death metal scene back in the 90's. The bands in it weren't in it for money, they were doing it for the love of the music. Production wasn't super-commercial and over-processed to hide poor musicianship. Shitty bands like Broken Hope... sounded shitty because they WERE. Whilst better bands like Death, At The Gates, and Carcass sounded incredible. Recording isn't nearly as organic as it used to be.
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          • Focalor

            Are those drum samples I posted useful to you?


            • Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post

              Are those drum samples I posted useful to you?
              Eh... possibly. I won't know for sure until I plug them into whatever DAW I end up using. Certain WAV files have a small bit of metadata tenaciously hardcoded on the front part of them that tells the playback device to play it as a loop. It isn't common, and to my recollection, I've only run into the problem once when I was trying to cram a gunshot WAV I found somewhere into a Quake2 pak file to add custom bullet sounds. You'd fire up the chaingun, and all the bullet sounds would loop over and over until it flooded out the audio and crashed the game, but not before blowing your eardrums out if you were wearing headphones. But considering that someone's obviously used these with loop based software before, it's highly likely they won't have that issue.

              I did a quick runthrough of the folders, and honestly most of it doesn't sound all that different from the kit of samples I already have that I used to record my Focalor shit years back. The toms were a big thing I needed. And the ones in that collection are great, but they do sound very similar to the ones I already have. But at least these have different forces and tones rather than just ONE sample hitting each drum at ONE force. Some of the kick drums were pretty nice. I've always wanted to make my drum kit sound like Vinnie Paul's kick drum from Far Beyond Driven. Not sure, but it sounds almost like the producer set his kicks up with triggers to blend two different sounds, probably a live mic sound and a sample. It has a definite muddy detuned muffled quality like he's stuffed the inside of the drums with towels, but it also has a piercing treble "click" to it. I tried to mimic that by editing my kick drums in an EQ editor to scoop out all the mids and boost the bass and treble.

              At the very least it'll be great to have these as a standby option. But honestly, this Addictive Drums 2 virtual instrument thingymajigger is impossible to out-do. I'm not really sure how it plugs into ACID Pro 7 and if it allows for the paint-and-paste type of thing I'm used to. But even if I can't quite figure out how to use it from inside ACID, I can always just turn on the recorder and record some WAVs of me playing each one, and clip off any front end dead space directly in ACID to create my own single-shot WAV samples. It's one-stop now-and-forever shopping if/when I can figure out how to use it. Ludwig plexi kits, Gretsch kits, modern kit recorded at Fairfax in L.A., vintage 70's sounding kits, "world" style kits and add-on options in case you wanna pretend you're Santana or Sepultura, indie kits, jazz kits, metal kits, full range of vintage and modern electronic kits, funk kits,... more shit than a person probably needs. You can mix and match snares, kicks, cymbals, adjust mic positions and levels, decay times, tunings, EQ, delays and reverbs, and probably a bazillion other things I don't know about yet. Maybe "too much" shit. It's downright retarded.

              Good lord how shit has CHANGED since 1999, hehe.
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              • Focalor
                What about your Bon Jovi stuff? What are you gonna use to get that rolling?

                "Cause I'm waaaaanted... Focalor for hire"


                • Thing is... I'm not above listening to "non-metal" stuff. I'm not ashamed to admit that I fucking LOVE me some Sade. Her voice is everything a saxophone WISHES it could do. ("WAS". Last I heard from her, she was starting to definitely sound her age.) In fact, when I started writing and recording my first songs with guitars, it was all instrumental smooth jazz.

                  edit: Hmm, I dunno, just watched a few vids from her 2011 tour video on youtube. Not as 100% laser perfect as she was with her delivery back in the 90's, but not far enough off that it doesn't sound good.

                  I think this one was from her 2001 tour, which I actually went to. I think I went to only 2 concerts that year: Sade touring in support of her Lovers Rock album... and Slayer who was in support of God Hates Us All (2nd leg of US dates for that tour when Lombardo rejoined - FUCK YEAH).

                  The white dude with a mustache at 0:52 looks like "OH NO, BLACK PEOPLE DANCING! WHAT DO I DO!?!"

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                  • Very aggressive metal is definitely the majority of what I listen to but, I like so much stuff it would be easier to say what I don't like.

                    I don't like country unless it's really old skool. I can't identify with most of what is passing as rap these days. If it's geared to "teenie-boppers" please shoot me. Other than that my musical tastes are pretty open. NPR plays operas on Sunday and I have found that I even like that. I was blasting (600w) some really aggressive classical music a few months ago and it was epic. I'm not a fan of Poison, Ratt, Motley Crue, Warrant etc but, I can listen to them without wanting to commit suicide. Actually there are a couple of local bands that do nothing but cover "Hair Metal bands", I've been to a few shows over the span of my life and had a pretty great time.


                    • Rap is garbage. 99% of it is lyrics all about how much money I gots, look at my gold, driving a Bentley, I kill a muthafucka and get away wit it! Shit that 99% of their audience can't personally identify with. The same could be said about gore lyrics in metal, HOWEVER, those people get the tongue-in-cheek joke, whereas rap listeners AND artists (and I use that term VERY fucking loosely in this instance) actually believe the shit they're putting in the music. The only rap I've ever found to be particularly interesting was the Outkast Stankonia album because they added actual MUSICAL elements to it like psychadelic rock, jazz, fusion, and funk. Everything else is just boring beats, bass, and bullshitting about how fat dat wallet be, mayne. GTFO.

                      I'm not one of these dickbags that's gonna say I listen to classical just to make myself sound cultured and cool. In fact, I find most classical to be horrid sounding. A couple of pieces from select composers that I actually recognize and enjoy, but the other 99% of it, I couldn't tell you who wrote it and don't care anyway. I'm not nearly as interested in the classical music itself as I am in it's practical usage in modern rock band music like the prog bands from the 70's. Some of it is legendary for a reason. Fur Elise translates to damn near ANY instrument and still sounds just as emotional and moving. Other pieces (that I can't even name) use scales so oddly that the songs effortlessly drift from sounding major to minor to whatever else. And that's what I find particularly interesting about it's application in modern music. Shit these days is simple and straightforward, and it's interesting to hear when someone truly understands the scales they're playing and how to puzzle piece different elements together to make something unique.

                      Poison - FUCK THEM. I hate Brett Michaels. He sounds like an idiot. Warrant, same shit, different band. Motley Crue survived the hair metal period simply for being so trashy rather than glammy. I actually like them. Ratt,... if I'm being honest, I kinda like them too, albeit in small doses.

                      I actually went to see Ratt frontman Steven Pearcy at the old Masquerade in Atlanta back in probably 02 or 03 (can't really remember the exact year). Ratt used to sell out HUGE arena's in the mid-80's, and here was Stephen Pearcy playing a weekend Sunday night show... and maybe 15 of us showed up to see him, lol. I'd NEVER seen it more empty in there, even on the nights when they'd have shitty no-name local bands playing. It was cool though, I got to stand right up against the stage and watch him perform all the old Ratt hits as well as some stuff from his solo album. After the show, I ended up tagging along with the band over to the Cheetah strip club in midtown ATL and partied with them for a bit. I remember finding out that he was about 40 or 45 years old at the time and looking at him and thinking, "... HOLY SHIT! He looks like a 65yr old sunburnt corpse." Haha. But even at 45, he was putting the Jack Daniels away faster than I was in my early 20's at the time when I was a RAGING powerdrinker. So I guess that explains why he looks like an extra on Walking Dead.

                      But people like Stephen Pearcy aren't why I like Ratt really. I'm more impressed with Warren DiMartini's guitar work on the early Ratt albums. I don't like Sebastian Bach either, but Skid Row's Dave "Snake" Sabo is a fucking monster guitarist. White Lion was fucking butt-rock to the core, but their guitarist Vito Bratta was OBSCENELY good, and people compared him to EVH all the time.

                      Was Ritchie Sambora a guitar god? To some people. I say those people's ears are broken.
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                      • @I'm not one of these dickbags that's gonna say I listen to classical just to make myself sound cultured and cool

                        I definitely was not trying to do that. I turned on the classic station one day and they were playing everything by some German composer. It was really dark. I plugged it into an amp and turned it pretty much all the way up. It was awesome! I wound up doing that every weekend for a few weeks before I got bored. I wish I could remember the name of the composer. I keep wanting to say Himmler for some reason but I know that isn't right. Maybe it's close though... IDK


                        • Definitely wasn't Himmler, haha. Himmler was the Reichsfuhrer of the SS in Nazi Germany. You may be thinking of Wagner. Wagner was definitely on the list of approved Nazi German music. Wagner was Adolf Hitlers favorite composer because he was German and a lot of his music had a pagan/viking/aryan themes, such as Flight of the Valkyries. Pretty sure he also used Wagner's music at party rallies to enhance the mood. Interesting to note = Richard Wagner's son Sigfried was a composer as well. It was no secret that he was queer as a football bat, too. He died around the time that Hitler came to power. Would've been interesting to see how Hitler would've dealt with a famous homo like him being the son of Hitlers favorite and most revered composer. The leader of the Brownshirts was merely RUMORED to have been a homo and he PERSONALLY arrested him and had him shot deader than hell.

                          You want something worthy of blasting...

                          Last of the Mohicans was a pretty good movie, with a pretty good director, and a pretty good actor... but the score was the best part of the movie.

                          I remember back in 99, I used to run this theme on a loop on my napster media player in the background when playing Q2 deathmatch.

                          Also... guy at 3:53 looks like Ferris Buellers dad.

                          I've got a copy of the album in MP3, holler if you want it, I can upload it temporarily somewhere for you.
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                          • @Himmler

                            Lol, I am well aware of THAT Himmler. I doubt he is the only Himmler on earth, though. Although a Google search of "Himmler" doesn't turn up much else.

                            ​​​​​​I would say yes to your offer of the mp3s but, I would be more inclined to simply start a Pandora station with the names and titles you mentioned as play criteria. Or even find it on YouTube and create a playlist.


                            • literally anything MF Doom/Joey Badass/A Tribe Called Quest/ect
                              wew lad