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    Originally posted by Alc View Post
    I still find Doom really good fun.

    You do realise that Quake is over 10 years old, right? I mean, who would want to play that old game?
    It's doesn't say much for the computer gaming industry that many of us prefer to play older games than the newer ones, even when we have the hardware to play those newer games at decent speeds. Lots of people still think that the original Unreal Tournament is the best FPS ever (I don't, but I do think it's the best UT ever), others prefer one of the first three Quakes, a mate of mine thinks that Unreal is the best FPS ever (why escapes me...). Personally, I still play Goldeneye and Perfect Dark more than any other FPS, and in my opinion I've yet to see any game that approaches the brilliance of PD, despite it being eight years old and on a 32MB cartridge. And Duke Nukem 3D is still so much fun, and does so much that modern games could learn from. And why don't newer games look at Half-Life's superb storytelling and cohesion?

    Having said that, of course, there are many great modern first person shooters, such as Bio-shock, COD 4 (for the time it lasts) and Halo 3. But I don't think that for lastability or fun they can compete with Goldeneye/UT/PD/DN3D etc.

    Just my thoughts, feel free to disagree.