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QuakeOne.Com community, I need a SMALL Favor!

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  • QuakeOne.Com community, I need a SMALL Favor!

    Would everyone please send a "Happy Birthday" email , and mention "Welcome to Quake" as well in the same email to my Wifey? She hates her birthday and doesnt want it acknowledged at all,and today (5/26) is her Birthday

    Send Happy B-Day emails to : [email protected]

    I've been helping her learn how to play Quake Once my kids get older and competitive in FPS games,I'll get them to play too
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    Done. I told her to tell you to stop calling me. Jking of course. Sent her an email. I actually hate B-Days as well.
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      Done and yw

      Now don't brain wash her with DM3

      Oh btw you said she hates birthdays so I didn't mention it.. since she hates that heh..
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        I just sent one too. I didn't know what to say, though, so I hope it was alright.


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          Inside3d - Because you can't be Outside 3D!


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            got you baby!!! your little ass is soooo mine, can we say whips, chains, candles, rope, feathers, finger nails......... and what ever else i can do to you to make you squeal...

            that is until i can make you do it in quake

            anyway thanks to all who sent them!
            and by the way if there is anything i can do to help keep Mindf!3ldzX in line let me know.. lol



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              Sent one this morning. Late, but what else is new?

              I will find you... it's only a matter of time.