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    Plenty does. I can name one off the top of my head. Quake.

    Nothing against Goldeneye, it was a first for its time within its small small pond, but its been done before and has been done better by Doom and Quake then thoroughly trounced it even more.
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      But GoldenEye Multiplayer involved you and 3 of your friends having a tourney of intense gun fire


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        Originally posted by Canadian*Sniper
        But GoldenEye Multiplayer involved you and 3 of your friends having a tourney of intense gun fire
        ya man, that was the best!
        I'm back, and better


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          woooooooooooo good times!


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            Who cares. Consoles suck ass. The day they make a console I can plug my mouse and KB into is the day i'll buy one.
            I hate consoles too.

            With the PS2, there are 2 USB ports where you can plug in a mouse and KB.


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              price for ps3 is gonna be 199 bucks i think
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                Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX
                I honestly hope Nintendo crush's the Sony/Microsoft infidels.
                I have a GameCube. I know when I go to the video rental store, they have countless games for the XBox and the PS2, and like maybe only 100 or so for the GameCube.

                I bought the GameCube knowing this because I won't be playing a 1000 games and I figured that most of the 100 or so GameCube games were likely to be of higher quality on average. The best games tend to be on all 3 anyway.

                Plus, the GameCube is simpler and I viewed the lack of a built in ethernet port as a plus. I'm not interested in online gaming with a console.

                And I know the XBox has a harddrive, but I really don't want a complicated console. If a game is going to be that sophisticated, I'd rather get the PC version.

                I hope the Nintendo beats the XBox 360 for sure. Seems like Microsoft is getting big into the monthly fee type of system and it sounds like the 360 is fairly dependent on internet access, but this is just the impression I get, I don't know much about them.

                I'm not sure what I think of the PS3.

                I do have some questions about that weird controller the Nintendo Revolution is going to use.
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                  Here's why computers own. Class, you canupgrane cumputers and make them faster. My dad only has a Nvidia 4400 Ti and a 2.2 AMD Athlon chip, and I'd rather have it than 2 Xbox 360s. nuff said.


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                    I own a Xbox 360 along with Quake 4 and 2

                    The graphics may not be as good as the PS3 (what's suppose to be), but the games are the best Iv ever played in my life