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  • to anybody that cares

    This forum has a feature that allows you to leave messages on members profile pages. It's possible to leave messages for yourself. That being said, I've been using that feature as a blog. Anybody that gives a shit about my projects, ideas, accomplishments, whatever need only go to my profile and read anything entitled "MadGypsy posted a Visitor Message for MadGypsy". I've only written one thing but, I assure you plenty more will appear there. There are no board indications when I do this. It's a "check and see" or don't system. I have permissions set so guests can see my visitor messages.

    Anyway, just a heads up to anybody that cares.


    Oh, some people may wonder why I'm doing it this way. There are 2 reasons. 1) I don't have to search the forum to find information I wrote which I re-need. 2) My stuff has little or nothing to do with quake in many cases. I can stop pushing unrelated information to the "Latest Posts" portion of the board. It's possible to comment on Visitor Messages so, there is no suppression of input by me doing it this way.

    Edit 2:

    I'll do big red letters that say something when I do this so it's easy to find them and I can make them unique ~ allowing people to easily determine if they already read it.

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    Good to know, thanks.

    Honestly though, quake related or not, your projects are about 90% of what interests me here. AD and special bomb's mod are the remaining 10%. Not a whole lot of quakey stuff going on to begin with. It would be neat to get some more mappers posting their WIPs but everyone that does that only publishes to func. I like func for what it is but I'm already established here.
    'Replacement Player Models' Project


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      I'll try something. Next time I make a post I'll @You in the post. Hopefully, it will be treated the same as other notifications on the board and that way you will know when I make a post.

      @your projects...90%...interest

      Well, I probably don't even need to tell you how much I appreciate that statement but, just in case I do...I appreciate it about as much as I am capable of appreciating something, which is a whole hell of a lot.