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All of the (recorded) madness in my school

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  • All of the (recorded) madness in my school

    Here's a video about my school's sometimes-funny moments.

    If you're going to watch it, I suggest you skip straight ahead to 1:18 or 1:47.
    I'm just posting it here. :3

    I honestly don't know what to think. I just laughed at them.
    What do you think about it? Not about the video, but rather what the heck happens in my school.
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    It's like Lord of the Flies up in there. Do you guys have any supervision?


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      Well, it goes like this:

      Each class is 45 minutes long. We have 6 classes each school day. And between those classes, there are 5-minute breaks before it rings. Except for lunchtime, since that's 15 minutes.
      During the breaks, teachers leave the classrooms or finish writing the class report into the class journal (who got what grades, if anyone misbehaved etc.).

      And so, once the teacher leaves... it's a mess. It's like Quake. Flying projectiles, everything alive is moving etc.
      Yes, really, flying projectiles. That ranges from pencils, rubber erasers all the way to books, backpacks and chairs.

      Sometimes we sing war songs as well, the ones sung by the soldiers who attacked my country during the war. We almost got caught singing them once. xD
      So, yeah, it's like hell. Except it's really fun. They have broken: a Qur'an (or "Qoran", whatever you prefer), 2 tables, a few chairs, a closet shelf, lots of panels and books, the classroom door, almost a computer, a window, and a window frame. But we got out of those, somehow.

      And what about me? Well, I recorded what I could, so we could replay those moments and laugh at them in the future!


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        Reminds me of the banana splits show.
        'Replacement Player Models' Project


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          I might as well include the first part, because why not: