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so uhh, the pokey sux

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  • so uhh, the pokey sux

    fyi , jail sux.
    June 20th...
    breaking and entering,
    grand larceny.
    Warrant for arrest issued, Out on $5000 unsecured O.R. Bond
    July 6th....
    possession of a schedule 1 or schedule 2 controlled substance, bond violated
    Went straight to jail that night, arrived at like fkn midnight.
    Seen a judge sometime between 6th of July and 1st of August for for a 2nd bond hearing,due to many circumstances, bond denied.
    August 11th , I go to court to get my guidelines, which I was told ealrier in the week on a tuesday,I wouldn't be entering any plea's of guilty or not guilty, no plea bargains would be offered, just establishing my guidelines. This didn't turn out to be true, the Commonwealth Attorney offered a plea bargain that day.
    $1500 in fines, no restitution,probation , no incarceration. Naturally I took it.
    August 21st , Preliminary Court , my lawyer got my court date moved up from September 27th to August 21st, as per my guidelines recommending no incarceration, the judge and commonwealth attorney decided I had sat in jail long enough and it would serve no purpose to continue to let me sit in jail, but this is only after I demanded my lawyer request Pre-Trial services for me, which is essentially being released from jail out on bond (again) , which pretty much provides me with enough rope to hang myself. Why my lawyer wanted me to sit in jail longer? Because I wouldn't have to go back to court! I told him I gave no fucks about going back to court, I'd rather go back to court and get out on bond THAT DAY rather than sit in a fuckin jail for any extra length of time.

    I'm 36 years old, and my life is in shambles. I've given my gaming computer to a very special young man to take care of, the son of the woman I'm in love with, but I'm putting it back together. He's my gamer buddy, and his sister is my little princess.

    Being away from my loved ones has flipped my view of the world...

    What's that mean for the die hard Q1 fan Mindz? It's not goodbye, nor is it the end. I'll pop in from time time to update you on my progress of re-integrating into society and what the status quo is, but I can go ahead and let ya know now, life of drugs, even weed, being a criminal and crime? It's rear view mirror only. Too much to lose.
    Judge told me I could face a maximum of 50 years on my 3 felony charges, I would be an old man @ 86 years old. I want nothing but to be capable of providing for a family, and as such, gaming chapter has been closed along side drugs and crime, and I'm okay with that.

    nearly 2months in jail being away from my soulmate has accomplished what 18+ years of hardknocks couldn't. being in the pokey truly sux and forces you to reflect.

    Christopher 'Mindz' Collins

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    I'd be more concerned with the "Jerry Springer" value of your life than the actual jail time. You can quit breaking all the laws but, will that be all it takes to remove the "trash" from your trailer?

    36 years old is way too old to have these kinds of problems. This is shit for a 16 year old from a broken home with an abusive or absentee father.

    I guess my point is that your problem isn't laws or drugs and focussing on how to follow the laws or stay off of drugs is not solving your problem. Those are just symptoms of the real problem. The real problem is you are either a complete stupid fuck OR you never grew the fuck up. It's up to you to decide which one of those is the actual problem and attempt to grow up or grow brains. Both of which will be an incredible challenge regardless of which one is your problem.

    Good luck with your stuff. I know what I said is not nice at all. It is not spoken from any point of negativity or animosity. It's all a "flat out", "brutal truth" kind of thing and if you truly want to change hopefully you will look past the stupid shit you do down to the reasons why you would do the stupid shit in the first place and eliminate it.
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      Glad you haven't changed Michael. I wouldn't be concerned if you had or hadn't, but I assure you I'm a changed man. Your words of judgement and what not offer nothing to me of use, just thought the community I have been apart and helped grow wouldn't mind hearing from me, and as you are apart of this community I will tell this much, I appreciate your half ass concern, even if it's lost in translation, I've missed you too.

      What all you been working on, besides editing posts?
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        Sorry to hear of your troubles Mindzy, I was wondering where you had disappeared to but I hadn't envisaged.that. Good luck on turning things around and making better life choices Mindz. Hopefully in time you may view this as a learning process and a few years from now, whilst enjoying the love and support of your family, you can look back on this episode as just a dim and distant memory of how you used to be, how much you have changed, and how far back you left that life

        Kind regards

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          I do hope you find some stability and happiness.
          I have found that the older you are the harder it is to deal with things when your life is turned upside down.
          When you're younger you bounce but when you're older, even though you have more experience/wisdom, it hurts more crawling back out of whatever hole you find yourself in.
          And yes, those drugs look oh so tempting, to take a toke and have your worries wash away. There has been a time when I felt I required it or my skull would crack in two.

          So again I say, I hope you find stability, happiness, love and support.
          And however bad it seems, things will get better.

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            There is no way to happiness--- happiness is the way.

            Life isn't about getting what you want, it is about wanting what you get.

            If you resist what you get, you find yourself in conflict with the universe. If you want what you get, the universe is working for you, but you have to be willing to accept it.
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              Originally posted by Baker View Post
              There is no way to happiness--- happiness is the way.
              That is so true. Figured it out myself a long time ago when I realized that to be happy, I just had to decide it.
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                We are all the architects of our own lives Mindz. Make something positive and awesome like you do for Q1 and the pieces of your life will come together! Best wishes and know the road will be rough, but you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.