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    I built a forum in full with a lot of user features. It's a tad premature that I release this to you all but, only because I need a little more content to fill up some space and it isn't impossible that you might find something I missed in the complete restyle of my theme. However, the forum is completely functional.

    When I started this I had a vision and that vision changed a bit AFTER I had already bought my URL. So, you can get to the site with or

    Eventually it will just be Right now is just pointing to

    Feel free to sign up, post stuff and have fun. I am constantly working on my site and stuff for my site. It's just going to keep getting better.
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    Already signed up. I knew you would come around with this sooner or later. You want to spread the news on other sites too?
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      @knew - and I knew you knew when you said "Is there some place I can read these reviews and what are they about..." Lol, I'm more intuitive than I look. That is unless that wasn't code for "I found your site"

      @other sites - no. This is the beta test (so to speak). I'll hit up other sites when I've finished up the last 5% of completing this.

      Right now I'm working on my second app for the site. I'm only 7 or 8 hours in and It's already functional. Now I just need to beef it up with more features.
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        Oh also, that means you saw how I represent your mod. I want to do even better, bro. That is basically a dump of everything I could find with a quickie description cause this was a LOT of work. The work is winding down and I will have time soon to represent projects better.

        I want to build pages that are unique and custom to each project. I have a lot of knowledge and skills in regards to JavaScript, html5, css3, PHP, SQL, etc...there really aren't any limitations for what can be done...and I am not lazy. In other words, what do you imagine for your mod? Let's make it happen.


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          If anyone wants to get a hold of me, I will be over at qompendium. Quakeone has basically told us to get lost, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. I hope to see you all over there! If not, then it's been good and I wish you well!

          'Replacement Player Models' Project


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            I'd gladly be there too, thing is, the login doesn't work for me. Clicking it leads me to a blank site. I'll try tomorrow again. See you there, Dutch!

            My mod? Uh.. i imagine it being done, so i can play it as i intended it Nah, seriously, i have nothing special in mind. It's a little gore mod for 20 minutes of blood and guts, nothing special. The nice thing is, though, it slowly starts to look polished. I will think a about the stylised mod pages you mentioned and write you about the ideas. And please don't overwhelm yourself :-) I already feel honored that Qore is mentioned on your page at all Though, it will become a fuckin' cool fragfest for gorehounds.

            A WAD SUTDIO !? Damn, i'm eager to see what else you have done meanwhile.
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            I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
            My little gore mod :


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              @login - yeah, my security is so high it doesn't even want to let members in. That's part of this beta test is fixing things like that.

              DO NOT try to login from Let's pretend for now that doesn't even exist cause using that domain for anything other than viewing may cause problems

              We're gonna be for now. The only reason I haven't transferred the domain is because I haven't come up with the proper balance of turning things off in order to create a perfect migration package. Once I can migrate the entire site to my home server with zero issues, I will use the same package to migrate to the new domain.


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                It's a noble idea. And one that is worthy of being pursued. The only flaws in your plan ..

                A) No End Game

                And by end game, power comes from having a reason hiding in plain sight. Without a reason, there is no power; without power there is no ability to accomplish.

                Where you find an end game, you find results. And where you don't find an end game, you find a lack of results or an eventually aborted futile attempt to achieve something, but without an end game the motivation will evaporate.

                If you have a reason, life is wonderful and comical. It is wonderful because you know WHY you are doing something. And it is comical because even if the reason is hiding in plain sight, if you never actually tell anyone the reason, no one will ever know --- which results in some private LOL comedy where someone might not understand your goals, behaviors or reasons --- but the joke is on them because it makes perfect sense but in a way that will be perpetually denied to the misunderstanding party and it usually isn't hard to guess, but people are funny so unless you say "Hey, 2 + 2 = 4" it'll never click and sometimes you can tell them repeatedly exactly what you are doing and why -- and it still never clicks

                Anyway, you have an interesting idea, but without an "end game" ... it won't happen. Imagine if you ever figured out an "end game" for one of your ideas?

                /Useless post of the day. Perhaps ....

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                So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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                  I have an end game and it is not-at-all in plain sight. I could probably stop right now and achieve my end game. I am going to see it through to completion

                  To be clear, I am not trying to replace quakeone. If that was my goal then I have already accomplished it cause my site is superior to this one and I am still adding features. Whether anyone here joins is irrelevant cause, I can clone anything here worth reading and bury the originals with better SEO. However, even though that is going to happen, that is not my end game. I spent 1 month and 9 days building my site. I reprogrammed over 5000 lines of wordpress styles, plugins, core src, etc.... I gathered and formatted all of the content, drew every picture (except 2 - Qore/QUMP). I have another table that I haven't published yet that is even bigger than my tools compendium. AND I started almost completely over TWICE! You guys can't even add color in what...6 months? This shit even comes with a color picker. I had no such luxuries.

                  What's the end game here? To die...miserably and shamefully at the expense of your own community?

                  You should join my site. I'll give your work the hilighting it deserves and I don't even really like you. Doesn't matter. I don't have to like you to do a good job and support the people that deserve support.
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                    There is straight up no contest. If Quakeone and I both dumped our forums...completely deleted them, I would be the only one out of the 2 of us that has any real content. I'm proactive and self-sufficient. I have no intention of waiting on the submissions of others to give my site relevance.

                    You know what I find ironic? I have helped and promoted more people here than I can count. Yet these very same people are where? I have 2 users on my site. I am yet another force multiplier for keeping Quake alive...where's the support? I'm not mad. I'm laughing at "you". There's "more" and "you" would rather do without it. How dumb.

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                      MadGypsy Just as a heads up, I wanted to say thanks for making this cool site! This looks really well organized and professional and it really does make everyone's project look special. I wouldn't get discouraged that no one has visited it yet, I think it's just that doesn't get the traffic it used to so your post might be going unnoticed.

                      Secondly, I only had a moment to look at the site earlier and was not expecting The Quake Grave to be front and center like that! Thank you very much! I plan to make an account tonight after work and I'll start posting over soon! I can also supply you with a new banner with the new logo as well if that is an option.


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                        ArrrCee ~ Thanks for signing up, bro! Of course The Quake Grave is front and center. It's probably the highest quality content on my site.

                        @I wouldn't get discouraged that no one has visited it yet - Actually, my site gets around 200 unique hits a day (not counting bots and not my actual current all-time average). Meats and Wad Studio seem to be getting the majority of hits but, Quake Grave and Qore also get a decent amount of the hits. According to my security over 2000 malicious attempts have been blocked so, my hits aren't including malicious attempts. I also have 4 members that seem to have legit account data but, for whatever reason they haven't finalized their account. If they are spam they aren't doing a good job cause there is zero spam on my site. I do have some seriously aggressive security though. At one point it was set so aggressive that I couldn't log into my own site and I'm the admin! LOL! I had to come in from the server end and basically break my site and then put it back together once I gained control again. That wont happen again though. I understand all the settings now. I could have gotten in without breaking my site if I would have paid more attention to special data while I was setting everything up. It's all part of the end game, brah. You gotta have an end game or your power is summin summin summin :fart noise: lmao.
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                          Hey. I created an account and acitivated it but I can't log in. When I try to, I get taken to a Wordpress page and when I input my details it says that my user name is invalid... Probably user error, but I'm not sure how to remedy it!

                          PS: Just curious, but why did you decide to set up your own board when there's one that could use some love over at Quaddicted? Like I say, just curious.
                          I got the phone call at 4 a.m.


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                            Hipnotic Rogue

                            1) I completed your activation
                            2) Do NOT try to log in from use
                            3) Your sign-in name is HipnoticRogue (no spaces ~ or your email should work...maybe not, can't remember). Trying to do anything but the exact right thing will result in my site dumping you into "nothing to do land". It's part of my security. If you type in misinformation it's assumed you are a bot trying to guess your way in so you get redirected. My security is at Nazi levels of strict. And you know what, we're never gonna have spam. It's very unlikely I will be hacked. In another month or so I am going to create the double server viscious circle and any malicious attempt will be all but impossible.
                            4) I am positive my logins work because every user I have has successfully signed up and in without me having to do anything

                            @why not Quaddicted ~ this isn't an either/or world, brother. I can be a member of everything and still have my own thing. I'm not trying to take anything away from anybody. I have my own thing going on and given more time (it's only been 1.5 months) this will become a lot more obvious.

                            Thank you for signing up. You shouldn't have any more issues but, if you do we will figure them out.

                            EDIT: By observation you attempted to make your username with a space but that space was somehow omitted. That doesn't make sense to me that you wouldn't have been notified that spaces aren't allowed or something. Maybe the field never let you type the space. I'm not sure. All I know is that your sign-in name definitely does not have a space in it. However, my site supports display names (nicenames...whatever you want to call it) so once you get in your profile you can easily put the space back in for display purposes. This will NOT change your sign-in name. I can't even change your sign-in name. Technically you can change your display name to anything. I want to be clear though. The first person that abuses that feature to pretend they are someone else will be immediately banned for eternity. It wouldn't be a very good disguise considering clicking the display name will bring someone directly to the profile using it and there is no way to make your entire profile fake to be someone else.
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                              Cool beans. Thanks for sorting out my account. Happy New Year.
                              I got the phone call at 4 a.m.