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Goodbye, lag and long compile times! HELLO, POWER

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  • Goodbye, lag and long compile times! HELLO, POWER

    I think some of you still remember me and my old 2007 laptop. It's useful in winter because it heats up a lot, but the opposite of helpful in summer. It even dropped to 3fps in Quake (albeit, Darkplaces). It generates a lot of noise, too. It's a bottleneck for almost any kind of workflow.

    I had an awfully slow PC for years, basically. But that changed, about 2 weeks ago. On the 13th of July (lol, Friday the 13th) this year, I got the following:

    - Gigabyte WindForce II GTX 1050 Ti
    - Intel Core i5 8400
    - 8GB DDR4 RAM
    - 1TB HDD and 250GB SSD
    - a motherboard, a case, a PSU, a monitor etc.

    Compare that to my laptop:

    - Intel Core 2 Duo T7500
    - Intel GMA X3100 Mobile
    - 2GB DDR2 RAM
    - 160GB HDD

    I've compiled a HL map, rendered something in 3ds Max (in nVidia Mental Ray renderer), played Far Cry on it and the laptop, and the new PC is proportionally roughly 11 times faster than the old laptop in any situation. Man, what an upgrade.
    I've still got to do some more tests, like rendering speeds in Sony Vegas etc.

    So yeah, I guess no-one will hear me complaining about my hardware any more.

    One thing I'll have to point out, however, is optimisation. Someone out there might think I won't optimise my stuff any more because I've got good hardware now. Well, not true. I'll always remember the hour-long compiling and rendering times, and try to make sure my maps don't lag for most people. (oh, especially avoid using those dynamic lights)

    Well, I guess that's all about me for the last month or so. How have you guys been? :p

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    You should come back to NextGenQuake, bro. Posting here is like talking to yourself and spam bots.


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      Then I might as well do so.