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  • OneMadTyper

    I thought that maybe some of you would find this interesting.

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    Heck yeah that's awesome. What's more awesome is an accomplished coder who wants to teach ppl QuakeC. That's the big news. I'll be watching for sure. Pretty sure a video series on QuakeC is going to be popular. People have asked me to do so but I am certainly not qualified to teach it. I still have training wheels on.
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      Well, actually I don't intend to do QC tutorials. I program in C++ at the "bare metal" level of arm stm32 micro-controllers. I've (almost) completed a library that encompasses all peripherals for the stm32f0xx line. It's along the same vein as HAL ans Std_Periph but, written in C++ using classes and design patterns. I learned how to do this by buying a bunch of bare micro-controllers from the stm32f0xx line, soldering them to some break-out boards and reading the Reference Manual definitions for all of the registers*. I intend to teach others how to do the same.

      I wouldn't expect any Quake-related projects from me. However, If you changed your mind and decided that you want to do QC tutorials I would share my final typer with you.

      *obviously I got a bunch of other educations regarding stuff like SPI, USART, PWM, ADC, I2C etc.. in order to be able to understand the docs in the first place but, that information is stuff most people desiring to "bare metal" program a micro-controller would already have.
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        Oh I saw QuakeC and heard video tutorials and just assumed.
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          OneMadTyper quite reminds me of the automated typing program that Bisqwit uses in his videos.


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            I have worked a bunch on this all week and it is substantially further than it was when I posted that video. I still have a bunch to do. I'm at a part right now this is boring the shit out of me and I'm sort of trudging through it in a procrastinated way. In all honesty, I need some good bud. A decent buzz, a cup of coffee and some death metal turned up to "11" would put me in a frame of mind to plow clean through this. I haven't smoked in months though and I want to make it one solid year so, banging out this 1000 or so lines with a "when will this misery end?" state of being is ultimately what is in the cards for me.

            I'm going to delete my posts in this thread regarding our little differences. I don't deny anything you claimed of me but this thread is not the place to claim it or entertain it so, I am removing my end of it. We've also already moved way past this privately so, there is nothing to be gained by making people think this is the state of the conversation.
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              Man, I know how it feels. But hey, it'll get done eventually.

              Also, a subtle side note: grown-up people really seem like kids sometimes. Hmm...


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                @Also, a subtle side note: grown-up people really seem like kids sometimes. Hmm...

                Lol, undoubtedly so, old friend. I resemble a grown-up when it's important. Like, talking to social workers, doctors, nurse practitioners and pharmaceutical manufacturers all day in order to get my mother on the proper medicines that nobody can afford, so she can spend a lot less time in a ball shaking and crying. It's not all balls and taking them home.


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                  Posts deleted. Peace in the land!
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