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"Quake" on list of terms demonetized by YouTube

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  • "Quake" on list of terms demonetized by YouTube

    Was just browsing around and happened to stumble upon a spreadsheet of words that trigger YouTube's demonetization system. Out of curiosity, I looked at the list and to my surprise, "Quake" was a flagged word that could get a video demonetized. It's probably just a coincidence, but this could affect anyone that uploads Quake content (not too severely I assume, though). Probably old news by now, but I just found it mildly amusing.
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    "Confirmed" by whom? I do nothing but Quake videos but not looking to make money off it anyway. I mean who would be able to? It's a niche game.
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      This is one of the articles on the subject. Make of it what you will.