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    'cause I'm new here and I'm interloping!
    And since any good interloper needs a good introduction--

    I'm a game-player, musician, and writer, three hobbies that seem to intersect more often than not.
    Been into Quake for about 10 years now -- I know that's got nothing on some of the folks around -- I'm more into the singleplayer than the multiplayer. In fact, if memory serves, I decided to try Quake 1 after playing Doom 3 for the first time, and getting hungry for more old-school atmospheric shooters. Also played some role in getting me even more interested in industrial metal than I was at the time...

    I've been thoroughly enjoying the rerelease version, and it even helped me get my brother to play the game with the promise of easy co-op. I still keep a couple of sourceports handy, too, for those things that only they can do.

    Full disclosure, I have got a small Quake-related project of my own (actually fairly specific to the rerelease) that I will want to talk about later. But since it wouldn't be very nice of me to show up out of the blue and shove it down all your throats, that is very much for later. But, you know, anybody down the line wanting to accuse me of ulterior motives can rest easy since I've already accused myself for them XD

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    Hi NN,
    Welcome to It is encouraging to see some "new blood", I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Kind regards
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    News: JCR's excellent ctsj_jcr map is being ported to OOT


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