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    What's up? Who is still around, who is still playing? I am just finally getting fiber internet here in a few day's and would like to possibly hop back on for some quick games or so. I am on the discord that I created but no longer run, Anyone who is not on it should join us, there is a bunch of people on it, I will be reaching out on the discord soon also, here is the link.

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    Hi WL,
    You're still alive!! I feared you might be gone for good so welcome back.
    I suspect a number of Quakers have drifted over to Discord but there is still a thriving mapping and single player community over on Quaddicted and Func, as well as a number of regular players (Killa, Sara, EZJack, OG, etc) still hanging in there over on port 26000.
    I hope that helps but take care of yourself out there on the highways

    Kind regards
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    News: JCR's excellent ctsj_jcr map is being ported to OOT


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      Hey Mr. Burns, thanks for your response, I have played at shmack a few times this week since I had time, I ran into EzJack and US Divers last night. I really don't get on to play much but when I do it's like 30 minutes to an hour. There is a new MOD out, not sure how long it has been out, but it has TDM,CAX,CTF,King of The Hill, Airshot, FFA and more inside this one MOD where it's just a command and vote to switch it without changing servers, I was surprised when I came back on after almost 3 year's of not playing to see this. You can connect to that MOD from any quake client including QuakeWorld clients. Due to this change there is a new wave of quake players I have never heard of until now who are from QuakeWorld joining the games with Net Quake players, It is interesting and I have played a few game's on those server's as well.

      You should join the discord, I have been on it since like 2016, It is a lot easier to communicate with others.

      Have a great day!

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    Hi Burnsie! so glad to see you are still keeping the Q1 faith. I hop onto runequake once or twice a year. And last night I played FVF with Gunter. Such a great mod. I highly recommend Future Versus Fantasy to anyone who is intrigued by the idea of some cooperative play that has been super spiced up