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Are most games released now "trash"?

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  • Are most games released now "trash"?

    I've seen this topic on 3 or 4 different sites today and when I think about this, it really ticks me off.

    There is nothing I'd like to do more than buy a couple of good games, but half the games out there suck and the other half are same sh*t, different day.

    It's almost like once they invented 3D graphics engines, the only thing they make are boring new FPS games of some sort that are boring, linear and you get tired of them very quickly. Other than that, you have the generic "racing" games and various real-time strategy games that really, at least to me, aren't that interesting.

    6 or 7 years ago, they actually made different kinds of games and now everything is mostly advancing the appearance of what otherwise are the same games over and over and over.

    I've not seen a truly new game since Half-Life and it's pretty frustrating to me.

    It seems like every game is either of the Enemy Territory/Counter Strike variety, the FPS adventure type (Prey, Fear, etc.) or some other type of rehash (Doom 3/Half-Life 2).
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    No theres games out there that are new which bring new ideas to the table such as HalfLife2 (Though still a big niche)which makes the whole game almost like a fast paced action movie with no time to stop and breath, or Hitman Blood Money ( or any Hitman game) which makes allows you to play either a good hitman or a bad hitman and while the story is linear the gameplay can be executed in multiplie directions and pathways leading to extended gameplay.

    Theres good games being released the only problem is that theres always more and more crap games being released at 3x4-x the rate of good games so you see a lot of clones of the diamond in the rough.. it just takes some researching and some demo'ing to find good games these days... Back in the day Komander keep was obviously stated by looking at the screenshots, no gimmicky new tricks, no ungodly good graphics, just pure fun and a nice new storyline, same thing with the game final fantasy (FF1) sure there were other RPG's out there but Final Fantasy gave it a great storyline which made the gave awesome.. but this is about newer games

    I reallythink right now is a low point for gaming if you are looking for originality and it probably will be this way for a few years atleast until emotion chips get installed in PC's and Consoles that actually do that their name implys.

    But in the end, theres A LOT of people out there trying to make A LOT of money and they don't care if you like their shitty game or not. Its all about research.
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      I saw the trailers for Dark Messiah. I was stoked to try the demo. I tried the demo last night. I want to buy this game. It's not easy in Hardcore mode

      Team Fortress 2 looks pretty good as well. Lots of people I know have told me it's tits. How the entire game is about teamwork, you can't solo. I have not tried it out so I have no opinion on it just yet.

      Starcraft 2 has me stoked.

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        Starcraft2 looks more like a remake of Starcarft
        What I have seen so far it's nothing absolutely new, though it looks nontheless cool

        The Darkness looks very cool
        and it seems to have a new type of gameplay


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            I'm thinking of the good games that have come out over the last few years. It's a small list

            Half-Life 2 and Episodes (very good, but a sequel)
            Supreme Commander (very good, but a remake)
            Team Fortress 2 (very good, but a sequel)
            Medieval 2: Total War (you seeing the pattern yet?)

            But there is hope! I did think of a few originals. They borrow ideas from other games, for sure, but they feel fresh

            S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadows of Chernobyl
            Think Operation Flashpoint meets Oblivion meets Deus Ex meets...I don't know....something good. If you think HL is the 'thinking mans shooter', you ain't seen nuthin' yet. I lie awake at night agonizing of my next move. And the atmosphere is spot on...Chernobyl is already a creepy place in real life, even without the...things...hunting you. It's a pity it was released so buggy, they really got hurt in the reviews because of that. I've been playing with the latest patch and apart from one CTD I've seen no problems in over 20 hours playing.

            EVE Online
            I've never seen another MMO worth paying money for, but this one I come back to again and again. Not an orc or an elf in sight. Unique mechanics. Hardcore PvP, hardcore economy, hardcore everything. No grinding, unless you want to. A single server for everyone, no sharding! My only complaint was that living out in the 0.0 regions, the PvP free-for-all of territory control zones where the players run the game was just too stressful! Oh and if your stupid, don't bother looking. It's got a long learning curve and a zillion features. After playing for two years there are still huge sections of the game I know NOTHING about. Specialization isn't just a word in EVE. Also worth mentioning is they don't make you pay for expansion packs, which is as it should be, your already paying to have the game supported and updated.

            I've been playing the Hellgate: London Beta, and it's a good blast. They stole my idea of a FPS shooter roguelike, damn them! No new ideas per-se, but I don't think anyone has ever made a Diablo-with-guns. If anyone has, I'd like to know about it. Hmmm....just thinking about the way the title is laid out...maybe there will be a Hellgate: New York...Hellgate: Hong Kong....Hellgate.....

            Jeez I'm rambling again.


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              Originally posted by rudl View Post
              The Darkness looks very cool
              This put me off it. Its very funny though.

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                Doom is redundant, kill monsters on a level that looks different from the last one!!
                Same with Quake.


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                  Yes, they do.

                  Phen, Hitman is a fine game, but when we're talking long term, single player linear games end there.

                  If multiplayer is the platform gaming developers are aiming for then why are we faced with so many bad games?

                  You'd think companies would try to gain a competitive advantage over other gaming companies, but that is not the case.

                  We're seeing repitition, with improved graphics, but in terms of gameplay new generation gaming consoles are where its at. (eg. Heavenly Sword, God of War, BioShock).

                  As far as computers go, I believe computer game developers have hard problems grabbing the niche market of gamers who are still playing older games such as counter-strike, quake, and other title sequels.

                  All I can say is, Quake is still the best game I play up to date as far as computers go.


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                    by the way, none of you have even listed how popular world of warcraft is.


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                      no i bought over 30 games this year, there is a strategy boom, and i bought most of them, bioshock, crysis, jericho, half life 2, painkiller, call of juarez, just creme of the top, plenty of good games, 2007 was an excellent year for games and its only going to get better as technology improves, we now have dual core and quad core coming up on the way, this was a very good year for a games, a rennesance, and it's only going to get better.


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                        It's the same problem seen in the movies. As it now takes hundreds of people and millions of dollars to produce a game with 'next-gen' graphics devs are not willing to take risks. I mean if you were spending tens of millions of dollars making a game, would you risk a flop? I love our art form and I love new ideas, but I wouldn't. I'd just go for a generic RTS or FPS with gee-wizz graphics too. It's no wonder we are seeing the same games just with better looks. It's what Joe Public gets his wallet out for.

                        But it's early days. Like cinema, we have discovered this new type of media tool and we are still fumbling about seeing what works and what doesn't . Video games are only about 30 years old. When cinema was 30 years old, they were making good films, but the standard techniques for telling great stories still had to be fleshed out. I look forward to what the next 30 years will bring. Though classics live forever, we'll look back at games today and think how awkward and crude they seem, not just in terms of the technology, but it form, substance and game mechanics.


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                          Originally posted by Canadian*Sniper View Post
                          I saw the trailers for Dark Messiah. I was stoked to try the demo. I tried the demo last night. I want to buy this game. It's not easy in Hardcore mode

                          Had it, finished it. Loved it. Multiplayer blows, but that's just me.

                          I will find you... it's only a matter of time.


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                            Originally posted by Grim View Post
                            Had it, finished it. Loved it. Multiplayer blows, but that's just me.
                            Demo was great fun, I just heard it gets boring after a few levels. The combat seemed a bit unbalanced. As a warrior class it seemed so much easier to kill enemies using environmental weapons that the kick was more powerful than any sword. Not that kicking people into fire/spikes/off cliffs/down stairs got boring quickly


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                              @rudl: Of course Starcraft2 is going to be a similar to its predecessor. If they took out the marines, scvs, dark templars, zealots, zerglins, and overlords then it's a completely different game. Look at warcraft and diablo for example. Warcraft2 had humans vs the orcs. Warcraft3 built off of this and added a few new races. Bloodlust still exists in the game. Diablo used the same end badguy and classes in the sequal where the Warrior became the Barbarian, the Rogue became the Amazon, and the Sorcerer became the Sorceress.

                              @Hendar23: Invisible walls suck!

                              @Rampage: World of Warcraft is fun. Why is it fun? I find it fun because you can do whatever you want and whatever you do always benefits your character in some way. There are also games inside the game like CTF and TDM for example (among other objectives). But the main idea is that the entire world is again acting like the original Warcraft Games where it's still the Orcs fighting the Humans except throughout the history of the game the Humans have become more evil and greedy like in Lord of the Rings and the Orcs have become more like William Shakespeare.

                              The huge plus I find about World of Warcraft is that there is absolutely no way you can fuck your character design up. Let's use Diablo2 for example. In Diablo2, you would earn 5 stat points and 1 skill point every time you gain a higher level. Once you used those points up there would be no way to reverse the transaction. So if you spent your skill points on one ability which helped you out mid game but is now completely useless to you in hell and nightmare mode then you just gave your character a handicap since he or she will never get those bloody points back.

                              In World of Warcraft it seems they understood the anger and frustration from gamers and improved the concept. In WOW after you reach level 10 you gain Talent Points which pretty much resemble the skill points in Diablo2 where you gain one point every time you level up except this time you had to wait until level 10 to get them since you were to bloody stupid to figure everything in the game at once. With these talent points you can customize your character's strengths only now you can pay your class trainer some gold to remove all your spent talent points so you can then use them in a different order if you so wish. Same with professions. You are only allowed 2 major professions in the game but you are allowed to forget everything that you learned in that profession with a simple bonk on the head so you can learn another one.

                              The only parts in the game that you can't undo are your character names, your race, your class, your gender, and what you look like. But if you aren't happy with this then you sir have problems which is why you're playing a game that a little kid could play.

                              Why do I play WOW (not during school)? Because it's a big fucking Team Deathmatch between two teams on a fucking huge map. That's the whole fun in it. You can never be too careful when questing because you never know when there's a raid gang of opposing factions ready to jump you. In which case they will set a campfire at your corpse and wait for you to respawn instead of looking for more victims which is really fun when you're the ones doing the killing but really fucking poop shit gay when you're the one being camped.


                              My first impression of the game was that it was complete donkey shit because of how addicted the players were. I was in school a few years ago and I called for a team meeting so we could organize everything for our upcoming client meeting. Only to my non-surprise that when everyone showed up about half of them had their laptops open playing as a little hobbit which in WOW terms is a little gnome which resemble those little troll toys with the funky hair you could stylize giving gamers another good reason not to play as the fucking kiddy Alliance faction. So why is the game so addicting one might ask. My answer is that the game never ends. Usually when we play a game such as a board game like scrabble or monopoly we play until the game ends. But WOW functions a different way. Say you're playing monopoly with your friends and you happen to land on the 'play scrabble' box. You now have to play scrabble and monopoly at the same time. And if you continue thinking this way by adding in more games every time you land on a box in monopoly then you pretty much got the drift of World of Warcraft.

                              When you're doing a quest in WOW there will usually be a man in the middle of nowhere with an exclamation mark on top of him. If I was loyal to my cause then I would complete my primary quest before giving two shits about this guy but because this game is so fucking large and I am bound to forget about this guy's whereabouts, I talk to him and he asks me to do a quest for him adding 2 quests in my todo list. Now once you get to higher levels in the game you will run into a lot of these fuck tards asking for favours and before you know it you will hit your max quest limit because there's just too many fucking things to do in this game and I will not have a sense of accomplishment if I don't complete them all. But every time I attempt to complete them I'm given two more quests for every quest I complete. So I'm never going to finish this game but at the same time of me knowing this I still want to play it as if I'm lieing to myself.
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