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Are most games released now "trash"?

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    damn that was a long read, but enjoyable nonetheless since I can relate.

    About starcraft2 .. that is exactly right, there is no need to a re-invent such a successful game, just add on top of the original to the successor.

    It definitely looks really good, in terms of graphics I was expecting a bit more. The environmental graphics and the way units react to the environment is beautiful. The units themselves are extremely unique and look REALLY good, from the immortal, all the way to the titan. I dislike the cartoonish look of some of the units. I was expecting marines to look a bit more hardcore, not like knights from the medieval days.

    I dont like the warcraftish look of the game, I would enjoy a bit more of an upgrade from the original starcraft.

    In terms of balance I'm sure there are gonna be no flaws, Blizzard is probably the only company I know that nearly produces a bug-free game every time.
    Thats why all their games are best sellers.

    I will surely play it, I played Starcraft/Brood wars for 6 years, it's still the greatest strategy game in my mind.


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      I made an edit :x


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        I don't want to say anything against Starcraft2, but startctaft and worcraft3 (and other blizzard games too but I've only played these two a bit) have very similar gameplay.
        It's time for something NEW why should I buy starcraft2 ?, starcraft is still fun. After some time I don't care too much about new graphics.

        About WoW:
        1)I know too much people that are addicted to it.
        2)WoW is not a new game it was released in 2004 I think (please correct me if I'm wrong)
        3)WoW is too colorfull for my taste
        4)WoW seems to be based on addiction. it is part of the concept: First you want to reach level 60 than there is anew add-on->you start playing wow again. You can't win this game it never comes to an end.
        5)WoW is way too expensive


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          Originally posted by Canadian*Sniper View Post
          @Hendar23: Invisible walls suck!
          Fo' sure. Instant immersion killer. What game you talking about?


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            The video game review by the angry aussiegamer about Darkness


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              Originally posted by rudl View Post
              WoW is way too expensive
              I hear ya. I played it for two weeks and started thinking why am I paying for this when I can play Diablo 2 at no extra charge? And the raids are too long for me. The shortest takes one hour and with wife/kid I just can't sit down that long at a computer without being interrupted. And the world is static, all the PvP in the world doesn't alter the world at all. It's been a year since I played it and I know that if I go back right now nothing will have changed in the world. The players actions should shape an MMO world. But thats just my opinion....


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                Final Fantasy XI is a really cool game. It's a bit more involved than WOW which I liked about it. However you really can't solo in FFXI as many of the quests require a team. Plus it takes a LONG time to level up... it really required dedication to play that game and I just didn't have the time to continue to play it so I gave it up. If I had more time I'd definately stick to that game though.


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                  One trend in Linux gaming seems to be emulators. SNES games, Lucasarts games, PSX games... all years old. Windows games... BG 2, Broodwar, Half-Life, Diablo 2, and WOW... several DOS emulators...

                  Native games, well there's widely-played FPS, years old, like UT 2004... plus newer ones like Prey, Doom3, Quake 4, and ETQW just got a Linux client so it will stay around for some time. Open source FPS are also really big, like Nexuiz, Warsow, Alien Arena, Cube/Sauerbraten...

                  There's also Neverwinter Nights which is the only Black Isle related RPG with a Linux client.

                  For newer games, there's puzzle games, turn-based strategy games... small/obscure things that aren't too time intensive... except for a handful of bigger ones like Freeciv and Wesnoth, which also are years old because of how the open source development works. Constant development keeps them alive, so to speak.

                  In general I'd say that since the number of native Linux games is small, there is much more of a willingness to use emulators of any sort, not just Wine, plus more knowledge about them. So you see lots of people running those age-old games like Monkey Island etc.

                  The fact that the overall influx of games into Linux isn't as big as with Windows means there is already some sort of preselection and people are willing to play older games, only to find they aren't bad at all.

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                    Yeah the games are garbage. I'm waiting for Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2!


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                      I bought the Orange Box last night and played some Portal. Then I took a break. Instead of going to bed I played more Portal and I ended up beating it a few hours after. It was 3:30 when I turned off the game. Damn. Portal was REALLLY REALLLY REaLLY fun. There's more to do on it as well like puzzles.

                      I also tried out tf2. I <3 the Sniper class I listened tot he developer commentary about the decisions they took to make the game and I'm convinced those were good decisions. I strongly recommend you check these games out.

                      I haven't tried out hl2ep2 yet. I'm in no hurry.

                      Originally posted by Souless View Post
                      Yeah the games are garbage. I'm waiting for Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2!
                      Has Diablo3 been announced? I forget.


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                        I Dunno.. I'm waiting though.