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  • DigiFunk

    Anyone seen him or have a valid email for him?
    Lifes a game.. It's time to Play! Pick your Poison.

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    Sorry NT but i haven't. As he/she was one of the few ppl I tended to chat with on line I was just wondering where he.she had got to. Hope he/she's okay. Digi was one of the good guys

    C'mon Digi where are you hiding?

    Kind regards

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      yes it also made me very sad when digibud left quake. he was one of the most loyal and long-serving TUs. he gave me various email addresses over the years but would never respond when i sent him mail at them, and he told me that he doesnt really keep stable email accounts. so, no, we dont have any way to reach him. he stopped showing up at one very discreet point in time though, like maybe 6 months ago; up till a certain day/week he played about every other day or every day, and after that he was never seen again


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        Digi always made my A list of Players. He helped to make playing fun.. Anyone seeing or hearing from him please let him know I'm looking for him as the last email addy I had for him finally died. ;(
        Lifes a game.. It's time to Play! Pick your Poison.