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    Sniper - Let's predict who's gonna be on Brawl. Don't forget that they're not going to duplicate any players (never saw this anywhere else except on this topic, by the way)
    Quad - Oh I have this picture with a bunch of people who will be on it.
    Sniper - Hang on, I'll look up who all these people on.
    Three weeks later
    Sniper - Oh I knew that every single one of those people where since the moment I made this topic! Quad suck my balls.

    Sure you knew who was going to be on the game. Nice l33t h4xxz0rz sk1llz.


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      Originally posted by QuadRaptor View Post
      Sniper - Oh I knew that every single one of those people where since the moment I made this topic! Quad suck my balls.
      I never said I knew the entire roster when I made this thread. Don't put words in my mouth. BrawlCentral had tons of leaks a more than a week ago + the release in Japan confirmed the leaks. Suck it


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        Sniper made me post this:


        DanielSmith604: you might like this one
        DanielSmith604: Sonic is the only fighter able to do this
        DanielSmith604: Sonic! The fastest thing alive! The fastest thing alive!
        RocketGuy7: so he can like run on the road and not die or something?
        DanielSmith604: he's the only fighter fast enough to outrun the rars
        DanielSmith604: cars


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          To be fair, it should be said that every post you see on is forced by me.

          Words can't describe how much Brawl owns; which is why someone made a video to describe it

          Seriously. Buy a Wii and buy this game. It's awesome! Dance with me


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            What other good games are there for wii beside brawl? I really don't think it's worth buying an entire system over 1 game.


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              Well if you never played Zelda: Twilight Princess or Resident Evil 4 then I would recommend the Wii version of those games. Metroid Prime 3 is pretty much Nintendo's Halo but with better controls and aiming.

              Super Mario Galaxy is very fun as well. I just hate Mario's new voice actor SUPER MARIO GALAXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

              I also have Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn but it's really nothing THAT special. It's basically like Ogre Battle if you ever played that. Advanced chess is the best way to describe it. It also has a STEEP learning curve

              You can also use your Wii to download old nes, snes, n64, genesis, and neogeo games. This is called the virtual console. They're usually around 5-8 bucks each.

              Pretty soon there's going to be a bunch of WiiWare games that you can purchase from the internet. The one that I think stands out the most is...
              DEFEND YOUR CASTLE!!!!


              The Wii has a lot of CRAP games but the ones I own are very nice


              Also, the WiiSports game that comes with the Wii has games that are ridiculously fun. Great when you're drunk :]