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Starcraft championship matches w/ commentary

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  • Starcraft championship matches w/ commentary

    I've been watching some of these matches play out, its 16 of the best playing this old school game. The commentary is alright(and in English). I'm sure someone around here will get a kick from watching these so cheers.

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    I watched everything live, this tourney was back in late february. Some really amazing matches took place. Flash is invincible in tvp. I think they are letting him gain too much macro early on. Contain his expansions and keep him locked to one base, he techs for factory units and those are not mobile enough to move around from one place to another at the speed of the other races.

    His play is so macro oriented, but they play right into his hands by trying to out-macro him first instead of beating him early game and letting him get those armories. Stork played poorly in the finals, he never countered with high templars and a strong ground attack. He just kept massing carriers against a lot of goliaths, it was weak.


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      The final is the first match i watched and imo there is way better matches or exciting matches going on leading up to it. I've only seen one so far where the view leaves the observer player and switches between both players screens from their perspective, its astonishing how fast they play the game, there mouse clicks per minute much be huge.


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        If you notice, it all comes down to speed, when all other factors are equal. After the strategy is mastered, of course. It is the race of who can outmaneuver each other faster.


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          With these guys they are all at similar skill levels, most of these guys have a 50-60 win percentile in the pros, which means they still lose often to one another.

          Their hand speed is relatively the same when they click, so none of them have a much faster APM than one another. It comes down to map control, and at times the map's imbalance plays in favour of certain races.

          Katrina map = protoss carriers, easy to fly over cliffs and get away from goliath range.

          These players have really great macro and micro, so their timing of expansions and picking off miners is essential to them winning the game. Almost all the timing pushes they do revolve around putting a dent in one another's resources, not unit count.

          Once the game gets drawn out they are usually fighting it out for position of resources across the map, more map control = more victories.


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            Yes you are correct about all of that. I said that strategies are fairly equal as they learn off of each other with all the games they play with each other and watch each other.

            Speed becomes the critical factor as who can do it faster. Speed in thinking, executing strategy, adjusting strategy and hand movements.

            Thank you for your insightful input.