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  • :(

    I feel robbed

    I created this for a forum request...

    now i see this at think geek...

    sucks to be me
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    The 2 graphics are radically different. In fact, yours is superior in design and extremely dynamic.

    Do not despair. Nothing was taken from you.


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      I know i was just smacking myself in the head cause i wanted to make a wifi sign for a local coffee shop that was my design >> and the 802.11 Now though, i feel it's over and done with !!

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        No, do not despair and never give up! There is a way for everything. You can do it!

        In fact those waves around the object are way overused in all major graphics today. Being original will get you the farthest. Go on a unique and different route. You will be more appreciated for it.

        Now, go out there and do it!


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          im just drunk after st.patty day er well it is 6am.... o passed out around 8pm and woke up around 2am ... i had this dream
          (ok chat-0-rama just making sure i'm on the right bus)
          a dream last night, where someone told me a joke. It had something to do with dating/marrying a hillbilly or something(phallic), but the punch line was 'if the bobcat likes you, you're in' but i cant rememmber the joke. yet it was so funny, it woke me up laughing.


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            Quake Radio

            I tried quake radio once but I couldn't find the enemy flag. Then I crashed it trying to log on multiple times to vkick 3DG3.


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              I found waldo!


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                hmm i want one of these! :d


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                  Originally posted by =peg= View Post
                  hmm i want one of these! :d

                  I had one of those, my cats loved it!
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                    Actually ROOK I think your design is pretty original. Many people have used the radio tower emblem over the years. Yours is a unique Quake twist on it which I think works pretty good.
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                      Maybe on the very tip of the tower change it to a Quad Damage model or the mixture of the Quad and the Pent as seen in some recent demos (e.g. Mortuality). At least that way it would be more Quake specific and put to rest any fears you may have about it being copied.
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