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  • CableONE ISP

    I've been checking into finding cheaper internet, and faster at the same time,and I think I've found it in the form of CableONE , can anyone give me any idea about their service with them if their ISP is CableONE , and if they offer any fringe benifits like Newsgroup access? Arrrr , I miss me good ole Newsgroups, such a lovely place to find treasures : DDDD

    I currently have Bellsouth aka AT&T aka ShitFestDSL , 1.5down 256up, and im looking at 3down 512up CableONE , should offer significant difference.
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    wheres abouts you live? If you want better speeds you should get the cable internet, also You may have Verizon fios where you live or Uverse(depending on the state),both are Fiber to the Premises services. And if the fiber services are Available in your hometown, run the Ethernet to the spot where they'll drill, and place the ONT(Optical Network Terminal), so you can use the router of the choice, so you dont end up on Actiontec MI424WR MoCA router(Multimedia over Coax), which is required for the TV Services over Fiber.

    Good luck, and go with whats best

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      Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX View Post
      I've been checking into finding cheaper internet, and faster at the same time
      Thats a tough one, cheaper but faster

      So far I've only used as an ISP while living in the lower 48, I used YAHOO DSL for a few months but I don't recommend it. has "Speedboost" which jacks your downloading speeds sky high for small amounts of time to help with large file downloading, and I think the last cable outage I had was over a month ago which lasted for 30 minutes. Its probably not the cheapest, but its still worth looking into
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