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  • haha

    some of the people on this forum irritate me,not many,just a handful or so

    when will this drama end!
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        I think the issue here is that Quake 1 is a dying community and, lets face it, isn't going to get much better. I think that if we try (we meaning everybody), we can change that. Some of the community on these forums is currently full of anger and hostility, some are doing the best they can to help this community stay alive (And I give them Much Gratitude and a Good Job), and the rest don't care or are not around that often. Even on the servers its hard to go one night without being harassed, or hear harassment about something or towards someone.

        If I were a stranger that happened to swing through this website via a google search, or however it happened. I would be greatly discouraged.
        Lets try to make this a respectable community, and encourage others to come and introduce themselves, play on the servers, and hopefully contribute to this once flourishing and loved community.
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          haha What he said

          I agree with the last post that anyone coming into or coming back to this Quake community does not need to wallow through some of the personal messages between forum threads.

          Use email and work it out privately. I don't know some of these players other than name recognition and I'm making judgments by their stupid endless replies.

          It's one thing to get caught up during game play and say things that you wish you hadn't but there's little reason to post it here for the world to see. Everyone's gotten whacked up side the head in a game and it takes the fun out of your play for a moment, so you say something stupid. It's not the same on a dot com site and I think it further hurts the community.

          Keep personal battles inside the arena. End this crap Baker.


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            Originally posted by satoon View Post
            Keep personal battles inside the arena. End this crap Baker.
            This is a lightly moderated forum and is what the community makes of it, for better some of the time and for worse some of the time.

            But it belongs to the community all of time.
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