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Wolfenstein 3D motion sickness

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  • Wolfenstein 3D motion sickness

    so this game obviously kicks ass and really started immersing fps titles. I just want to know how many of you got dizzy from playing it, I try to tolerate it..but ugh I feel like throwing up(makes the game more challenging right? ). the interesting thing is, I think it causes dizziness from the lack of texture on the ceiling and floor. when I played maps 31 and 32 on Doom II. I wasn't sick at all. so I tried dling a wolf3d ZDoom version and I still got sick because there was no ceiling texture or floor one. I really want to beat this game, but I don't want to make a mess on my computer before I do..did you guys just get use to it and it went away?


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    Yeah we all get sick playing Wolf3d. Just quit bein' a ****y and tough it out. Suck it up. Hold it back. lol

    Seriously though, no. Wolf3d or any 3d game so far has not given me motion sickness.
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      I actually get motion sickness from Quake. Whenever I go a few months without playing, the first couple of days back I usually feel kinda funny whenever I play.

      Anyway, the only thing I can suggest is to try dicking around with your monitor's refresh rate. It might be too low. Low refresh rates have been associated with headaches and motion sickness.


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        Another nausea making experience is eyecamming =Peg= turn the heat up on a level he knows well (like Aerowalk or the new DM6 remixed level) against someone he can 'experiment' with like me. He doesn't do it very often which is probably for the best when you've had a few pints.(b) (b) (b)

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            Just close one eye and it might help..


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              I have headache, stomacache and my eyes hurt everytime I play Doom 95 for a few minutes.

              I think the graphics are kinda similar(doom95 and wolf3d), so I think you're not alone