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Why I like Quake.

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  • Why I like Quake.

    its unexplained storyline, ogres with chainsaws, nail gun weapons, abandoned bases to dark eerie medieval worlds, ambushing traps, awesome sounds, atmospheric ambient soundtrack. you can't top that.
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    couldn't of said it better myself


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      The only thing I like better then Quake, is more Quake
      Quake One Resurrection
      Great Quake engine

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        Well put, Lock.

        I like to think of quake as sort of like an art-game. A vague, spooky cross between an H.P lovecraft book, and a campy balls-to-the-wall action movie with plenty of grotesque beasts and blood.

        best of both worlds!


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          I like quake 1 and have it still installed becuase of the following.
          I am mad about the atmosphere in the game, I like walking in that dark and gloomy feel.
          The weapons for one, nailing someone or thing with a quad rocket or spawning inside someone and hearing that grrrrrrr sound as he explodes...
          Quake just relaxes me when I play it, some bots or sp single player.
          Very long LAN sessions that goes on for an entire night, I mean I only started noticing its morning when you take of your earphones or turn down the music and heard the birdies chirping outside, thats one memory I'll never forget.

          I don't know, cant list all the reasons, I'm just an eternal Quake 1 fanatic.


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            why i like quake?

            reminds me of the best times of my life.

            97...i was young, careless, and had lots of friends and no responsibilities.

            04...young, in love, and a senior in high school. good times

            06...times kinda sucked, but damn Quake was fun back then


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              Churning my mind up to come into some answer to that question...
              I love the color palette more than anything else. In it's owns limitation, it just oozes some outerwordly feeling of beautiful washed out and decayed universe.
              Moreover, as a true fan of silkscreen prints (indexed colors), stamps, logos and symbols... Being a graphic designer myself... I instantly fell in love with the world of Q1.
              Many real life locations, cloudy skies, subdued lighted woods, rusted old workplaces, car dumps I used to love before I even kwew about the game are now always trigging the same reaction: Hey! It's Quake!
              This game also came at the dawn of computer 3D with simple models, basic yet very effective game mechanics. A great combination leaving such a huge room for imagination.

              And, yes OK, I confess a long time addiction to scary, gothic and fantasy stuff.
              H.P. Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce, Edgar Poe, C.R. Mathurin, Ann Radcliffe, to list a few, among the inventors of the genre.
              Twenty years ago, I went to Otranto, Italy. I visited the castle, in seach of clues. Trying to find the scratches, Horace Walpole's giant helmet had left on the cobblestones.
              Of course they weren't any.
              But since, everytime I'm thinking about that place, I remember Otranto's real castle courtyard... with a big helmet in the middle!

              Quake makes me feel the same. Like if I was there for real.
              And when I miss the place, I just launch the game.
              Many records or movies I love to play and watch again.
              But I rarely do that with computer games, besides Quake...


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                I like Quake because it seems like the beginning of unfulfilled potential and not the end. It seems to me that many games since Quake are more on the wrong track than the right.

                Quake wasn't perfect but was on to something in a great many ways. The open source status means the ending can still be written.
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                  I like quake because the multiplayer is fun. There's nothing more to it than get in and bust some ass. There's no objectives, no upgrading, no unlocking, and the only way somebody's going to come along with something better than what you have is if you didn't go pick one up for yourself.

                  Now sure I like objectivs, upgrades, unlocks etc but I also like games that don't have them. Plus Quake kinda dug itself it's own little hole in my heart cause it was the first game that I ever played online, besides (possibly, not even sure about this) those gay web browser based games.


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                    Yeah, the color palette, no doubt. The washed out brownish-greenish look, not many primary colors.

                    The monster lineup, although Doom's is also very good.

                    The moddability and tools.

                    The movement, smoothness of the engine.

                    The potential.

                    The sounds and background music.

                    The low hardware requirements.

                    The range of possible themes. Military, medieval, dungeonlike, Egypt, otherworldly.
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                      I think I like Quake so much because its the best Idea to happen since we stepped out of "2D" gaming, everything else since Quake has just been a cheap attempt to make a profit off an awesome idea.

                      Carmack and Romero made something great and the bandwagon of money monger game companies seen the opportunity to profit... which they don't care if their game sucks because they "promise" its the better game when its just a rehashed graphically superior product to Quake. Its simple evolution.
                      Quake One Resurrection

                      Great Quake engine

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                        • Nostalgia.
                        • Habit.
                        • Comfort/Ease.

                        • Adrenalyn.
                        • Picking up frags like a trail of candy. Mmmm ego-boost! And another! And another! Wokka wokka wokka wokka...
                        • Escapism.

                        To name a few.


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                          I use to host quake3 all the time. I just made sure I had nothing on the computer anyone would want to get to except to play quake3 with me and play. I would have to take it off linksys hardware firewall. So I'm going to buy a new computer with just xp and quake3 on it
                          And set quake3 for 8 players. Is that ok?


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                            anyone can email me at [email protected]


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                              FFA DM Quad SNG FTW!

                              Old school FFA deathmatches! FTW!

                              Quake One Resurrection

                              Great Quake engine

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