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Why I like Quake.

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    Originally posted by S_u_z_a_n_n_e View Post
    I use to host quake3 all the time. I just made sure I had nothing on the computer anyone would want to get to except to play quake3 with me and play. I would have to take it off linksys hardware firewall. So I'm going to buy a new computer with just xp and quake3 on it
    And set quake3 for 8 players. Is that ok?

    an Q3 server could be hosted on any old clunker hardware you have laying around.

    a new computer to host q3 isnt required...

    Quake1's original appeal to me was knowing that when I connected to GameSpy3d and found a server, I was playing against other opponents in real time, sort of like playing Mario with your best friend at home on the TV.

    todays appeal is purely nostalgic
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      I have uake friends with whom I have chatted online for over 10 years. In gameplay for now it is nostalgia. Back then it was addiction. Also, there were times we would only chat for hours using Quake as an IRC client. Or work with a sysadmin to get bugs out, like when your feet are below ground and you couldn't use a portal or stairs. :d Bloody semi-colons and commas!
      CTF rocks!