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ROTT needs "hardwar"

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  • ROTT needs "hardwar"

    quite fun but within a few minutes i get a error:

    There are no MIDI devices on the system. To install the driver,
    go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardwar
    did this come from the OS or is this error from the engine?

    [ no its not a typo, it actually said "hardwar" ]

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    old dos games used to utilize the FM synthesizer (which uses midi) found on most soundblaster sound cards instead of digital sound files (to save disk space i guess)

    from what i can remember of those days, some games required the soundcard to use specific IRQ and DMA settings.. try fiddling around with that in your sound driver..

    probably something like IRQ 5, DMA 1

    nowadays Plug and Play should take care of such things, but back in those days.. there was no such thing as PnP yet

    you might need to set these values in autoexec.bat or config.sys wich should be located on the hdd your system is installed on.. (these files get loaded on system boot)
    or even in your bios..

    (oh the glory days of ms dos.. so much fun! )