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    I had no trouble with any Quake client in Vista, let alone XP.


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      Thats cuz lerster is determined to travel the less beaten path, hence "Doing things the hard way" , instead of just loading XP by itself and playing quake like every other gamer. Sure,some use linux of some flavor,but they typically dont show up at's doorstep bitching and nagging it doesnt work,and the creators of the Quake engine's need to fix something in order for it to work on his side.
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        Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX View Post
        Thats cuz lerster is determined to travel the less beaten path, hence "Doing things the hard way"
        Another gem from Mindzy.

        Maybe half the problems people really have in Quake is because they are dead set on doing something "the hard way".

        Then you go to help them and they STILL want to do it in an all clustered up mess.

        Like the guy who wanted original glquake to work on his machine when it didn't and wasn't going to MEANWHILE he also didn't want to use a modified engine which would fix the problem in 10 seconds.

        Anyways ...

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