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    NVIDIA, but the reason is inertia more than anything else. I've used NVIDIA since the TNT2 days and they've never pulled a really nasty surprise on me, so for me they're a safer and more predictable choice. I have been tempted by ATI on more than 1 occasion but I don't really know enough about their hardware, their drivers or their utilities to feel comfortable making that investment.

    I understand that the main issue with ATI and OpenGL these days is that NVIDIA are more forgiving of invalid code whereas ATI ain't. That's very much a double-edged sword; on the one hand being more forgiving means that it'll work even if you screw up, on the other hand it means that you risk shipping with more bugs.

    GB will attest to recent issues we had when anisotropic filtering was enabled on a cubemap texture, and how each of the two reacted.


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      I vote ATI since i stuck with them ever since my Herc NViDiA Geforce2 card blew up on me, after 2yrs of use, i never had a single ATI card die on me, and i still own an ancient PCI ATI RAGE 128 card that i had for about maybe 10yrs now that still functions.

      Which is impressive.

      Actually think i have two, one is the rage 128 pci and one is an all in wonder 258? no ... 128? or 2XX something i forget, either way, both cards still function an their ancient.

      ATM, my new box which is on an older socket, a quadcore system, it has an EVGA NViDIA sli bridged 9800GT set in it... its alright, still not a huge NVIDIA or EVGA fun, but atm i can't afford to replace them with ATI's.

      Still my vote stands for ATI.