From: "[email protected]" <Matt Renner>
To: Charles Burguin <[email protected]>
Subject: Deadliest Catch F/V Ballard

Hello Charles,

You and your fellow crew members have been invited to join season 8 of The Deadliest Catch aboard the F/V Ballard. Your captain, Murray, has already been given approval for airfare and will forward you your itinerary. The filming will start March 23, 2011 and we will hold a meeting in the Unisea conference room at the Unisea Hotel in Dutch Harbor on March 16, 2011 to sign crew contracts and file proper licenses, endorsements and review Coast Guard related safety material. If you have any questions, email me or contact your captain and we will see you in Dutch Harbor. Safe Travels.

Matt Renner

Executive Producer
The Deadliest Catch
Turn's out that workin on the ocean has it's perks lol. I have been crab fishin on and off for 9 years and workin back and forth between tug boat's and fishin vessels. My captain has already been on the show so I guess we were a shoe in, but look for me to be on tv gettin my ass kicked by the Bering Sea. I'm leaving in 2 weeks for a while.