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  • Wolfenstein 3D original

    If u wanted to replay the past... NewWolf - Wolfenstein3D for OpenGL

    Heh, it seems easy on the hardest setting, till u try to rush thru the game, as then they start to hide more an more bastards on the sides of drs and such...

    Played for a while then, just said fuck it...

    but if anyone else wanted to plays it on windows, it runs on vista. Should work on win7 and xp too, with that new gl client for wolfenstein 3d.

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    looks fun.

    I been using this one the last few years- wolfenstein 3D Remastered
    Its basically wolf3d/sod on the ZDooM engine, but fear not, its not a lame tc but a completely faithfull remastering of the orignal including; freelook, automap, crosshair, blood/bullet decals and of course wad compatability!
    trying it with nashgore.wad is a must, the gore effects even come out purple on the zombies and black (oil maybe?) in the mecha-hitler and his decoys!
    only disadvantage with nashgore is that the player blood is also purple (like the zombies) but all others are indeed red!

    oh almost forgot, theres a deathmatch map/setting in there too which includes the flamethrower weapon from the mac version...
    its awesome!


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      Check out this page for a nice list of ports/engines/tc to play Wolfenstein3D on modern machines: FPS Source Ports

      I like NewWolf a lot, since it seems to be the most complete engine.
      FPS Source Ports


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        I wanna eat some baby back and some chilled baby in the blender served up by a fairy.


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          I can't get the link to nashgore.wad to work. Any other way to get it?


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            I've googled this and all links seem to be the one I can't get to work. I've watched some vids on Youtibe and would really like to have this. Can anyone upload it please?


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              I'll do it tomorrow (GMT that is...)


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                Wrong forum.


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                  I just wanted the original to run, but neat that there are conversions and stuff out there. similar to that of quake mods (but not nearly as tweaked) but still neat.

                  I just posted this b/c i got the game running with that new wolf client, and it runs super fast (of course since its ancient) in other note, for anyone wanting to play older games that lack a port, such as "Commander keen" or etc, check out dosbox for windows: DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS its a free dos emulator.

                  Works well, just mount K: [drive path]

                  So fictional drive K:


                  Mount K: D:\



                  An you can dir like old school does, (if d:\) exists as one of ur drives anyways you should see all the contents of that drive. Just remember it has old school dos folder names 8 character length, so, whatever foldername is shrinked to six chars ~1 (if its longer then 8 chars.

                  Also for complicated folders since i'm not a dos wiz any that have like () parenthesis etc, as that makes the ~1 32) or whatever for the directory tree listing, i just rename, and reload dosbox so i can access it via the 8 char or > length.

                  Anyways just thought it was interesting.