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Casey Anthony not guilty?

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  • Casey Anthony not guilty?

    I was surely surprised when I watched the verdict being read on televison and am still confused as to why she wasn't found guilty of murdering her child. This video pretty much sums up on how I felt about it, plus the video is f'n hilarious.


    I'm wondering how you all felt about the Casey Anthony case.

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    FFFHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Florida! hahahaha
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      Nice fail on the part of the american justice system... again.


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        I followed the trial pretty close, and while I was, I researched alot about the facts that were out there on the web, and right away I could see some reasonable doubt even when it came to the Nanny. When I say that, I mean doubt as to the fact police left no stone unturned looking for someone with that name, not only in Florida, but as well as NY which is where she said the Nanny is originally from. I also found right away using some people search resources on the web, 138 people under that name alone n Florida, 6 of which right in Orlando. I then listened to a deposition by one of the witnesses who says they recall the Nanny living ' near metro west ' then moving to ' near UCF '. All 6 of the Orlando hits were near UCF and Metrowest, under 10 miles in all cases. I found that to be the first sign of ' reasonable doubt ' in my mind, because they had Casey pegged as a pathological liar from the day she was cooperating with police. If she were, I dont think a witness deposition would fit in at all in anyway to her lying story like that, unless the witness too, is in on it. Since then I found more material that confirms a couple of more those addresses were checked out by police, so it could be they checked them all, but I cant find anything that says police went all through the other 132 hits in Florida, and I think I saw at least a hundred in NY...and I know they have had 3 years to work on all this, and most people say Casey admitted there was no Nanny and it was a lie, but I think she did that just to tell people what they wanted to hear. Cindy , her mom, also heard the Nanny mentioned about a year prior to that, as did her bf. So if she was not leaving the child with a Nanny for nearly a year and half back, where was the child? So I have always since then had my doubt, and seeing the forensic evidence dry up day by day by various witness testimony, left with a pure speculative theory, it finalized my believe of not guilty very early on. Had the meter reader guy got the first cop called out to the scene to dreg the swampwater where the remains were later found, its quite possible the remains would have been in better shape as to determine cause of death, and connect these dots so its not circumstansial evidence anymore. I also have a hard time a girl like that who her friends said was ignorant and lots of times just plain stupid, would be intelligent enough to pull a stumper on law enforcement like this - she dont even have a hs diploma.


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          The prosecution was horrible, they went down the wrong path and never proved without a reasonable doubt how she did it. Of course she did it, but she got away with murder because the prosecutor was terrible. I am pretty sure I know how she did it too, the problem was they kept going down the wrong path trying to find out how the poor girl was murdered. Unfortunately her verdict was fair, because the prosecution was terrible. The sad thing is how many people believed the bullshit her lawyer was throwing around, that guy was a buffoon just spin doctoring everything to get attention off the fact his client was an idiot and a terrible liar. You have to blame the prosecution for failing to interpret the facts and presenting them properly.

          Man why would you believe anything on the web? Most likely her lawyer had a team of trolls putting all those 'facts' up anyways. Don't beleive anything you read on the internet.


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            the jury was full of DM players, go figure.
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