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  • Greetings!

    (Hope this is the right place for this)

    My name is Stan, but my web name is Gerolf, which means "Spear-Wolf" (auf Deustch)

    I have a team of gamers, we call ourselves "Gerolf Games"
    we are working on a Doom Megawad, and also a Wolfenstein 3d game. I do the wolfenstein 3d stuff mostly myself though.

    I love Quake. It was one of the first games I got for PC and played, the other main ones were Duke Nukem 3d and Heretic, oh and 7th Guest! As I got older, for some reason, these games never seemed to age to me. I just kept playing them. My PC crashed before 2000 (1999 exactly). and I think I played the games since '97 on that PC. I had a N64 with Quake, and so I got to play it still, sadly, I missed out on multi play, even on the PC.

    I come to this forum for some reasons:
    I plan on making some Quake levels, maybe even a full game replacement!
    I still play Quake, and like to talk to people who do as well.
    I like to give my thoughts on topics
    and I love to see the new stuff that comes out for this game

    I will be posting some questions about Quake soon, and don't worry, I will see if it's been asked already!

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    I speak only for myself, but new modders/skinners/coders are always welcome. I look forward to seeing some of your work.