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AT&T is the FN DEVIL

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  • bluntz
    OH yea ATT IS the devil alright and it is alot more insidious than just caps.
    You would not believe what they did to me.
    They put some of my long distance calls on my neighbors bill,who was away only coming to vacation here in the winters.We shared a party line.
    Then I was arrested for breaking and entering of his house and placing long distance calls on his phone!!!!!!
    They had no investigation at all,no evidence of any kind of B&E
    Of course it was dismissed but not before loosing my bail money my job my rep and my mind.
    Trying to sue the police ATT and the neighbor got me absolutely NOwhere as someone was obviously paying off every attorney I employed.
    Even worse ,5 Years later I built a new place 20 feet away from the old one and they turned my service off and gave me a 1500$ bill for those
    calls and it was Xmas to boot.
    I had no choice but to pay the bill because they enjoyed a monopoly on service and cell phones in my area.
    Boy there is allot of mashed bashed mangled junction boxes in my area.
    It must cost them a fortune to do all the service on them.
    So I must not be the only one pissed at them.

    So yea ATT IS the fukin Devil!!!
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  • Zop
    Cable?? Comcast already has caps. I have a cable co. called Astound, but I think they're pretty local...

    I just found this site Stop the Cap! when trying to find which companies have caps, and it seems pretty interesting.

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  • Mindf!3ldzX
    Whats worse, is this might be the first step torwards "Profiling" on the internet level.

    I should definately check into seeing if Cable is availible here yet.

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  • LambentHammerBurst
    Time to switch providers there!
    Damn SaskTel (Saskatchewan's main phone company - and SK is small) doesn't even have limits like this.

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  • Mindf!3ldzX

    Added note : Upload + Download = Combined, and Counted.

    *Important Information: Usage of customers that have not exceeded 100 GB will be measured weekly. Once a customer exceeds 100 GB, usage will be measured daily. Usage is posted on the web site within 4 days from collection.

    Please note that the usage collection period may not coincide with the billing date.

    Usage Period The dates that usage is being tracked. Download (in GB) The amount of gigabytes used to download media and other data from the Internet. Upload (in GB) The amount of gigabytes used to upload media and other data to the Internet. Total (in GB) The total amount of gigabytes used to download and upload media and other data to the Internet.
    08/16/2011 1.53 0.34 1.86
    08/15/2011 4.02 0.70 4.73
    08/14/2011 5.62 0.59 6.20
    08/13/2011 3.81 0.39 4.20
    08/12/2011 3.68 0.54 4.22
    08/11/2011 3.06 0.40 3.46
    08/10/2011 3.03 0.69 3.72
    08/09/2011 8.39 1.21 9.60
    08/08/2011 10.42 1.30 11.72
    08/07/2011 3.75 0.44 4.19
    08/06/2011 3.79 0.69 4.48
    08/05/2011 4.12 0.65 4.77
    08/04/2011 4.04 1.04 5.09
    08/03/2011 23.63 2.41 26.04
    08/02/2011 5.86 0.74 6.60
    08/01/2011 13.26 1.08 14.34
    Totals 102.01 13.21 115.22
    Important Updates to your AT&T Internet
    Terms of Service
    See below for Spanish
    Refiérase abajo para español
    Dear AT&T Internet Service Customer:

    We are updating the AT&T High Speed Internet Terms of Service. We are making these changes to provide greater clarity around the terms of your service and to help us deliver a consistent, high-quality service experience for all of our customers.

    We’ve reinforced this notice with additional links providing answers to frequently asked questions. Of course, we are ready and available to answer any questions you may have and to discuss individual account needs or concerns.

    Here's a summary of the updates:

    • Introduction Revision: We have added email as a separate service because
    we now offer customers without our high speed Internet service the ability to have
    an email.

    • Changes to this Agreement: We have changed the acceptance provision so that
    you are now deemed to have accepted the changes to the agreement after the
    30 day notice has passed, rather than immediately after receipt.

    • AT&T High Speed Internet Service: We have moved the speed tiers to a link
    within the agreement, AT&T - Speed Tiers for easy reference.

    • Service Availability: We have added language to clarify that service is not
    available in all areas, and may not be available at certain speeds (or at all) at
    some locations.

    • Service/Site Changes: We have added language stating that AT&T may need to
    modify or discontinue your service, either temporarily or permanently.

    • Conversion from DSL to U-verse High Speed Internet: We have added
    language to this agreement that will allow us to convert customers from our DSL
    network to the AT&T U-verse High Speed network, where available.

    • Usage: We've added a link at AT&T Broadband Usage Policy where customers can
    go to get information about AT&T's data usage policy and managing their data

    • Dial-up Access Options and Toll Charges: We have added language to clarify
    specific charges that may be incurred. Such charges are your responsibility to pay.

    • Collection Agency Fees: We have added language that you are responsible for
    paying collection agency fees AT&T incurs when recovering any money owed to us.

    • Email and Termination or Cancellation of Service: We have added language
    explaining that you will keep your email address if you choose to terminate service.

    • Abusive Treatment: We have added language that allows AT&T to terminate the
    service of customers who repeatedly harass or abuse our employees.

    • Equipment & Software: We have added language to address U-verse equipment
    that is not owned by the customer, and needs to be returned after termination of

    • Restrictions on Use & Network Management: We have added language
    to make clear that the AT&T Acceptable Use Policy is incorporated into the terms
    of service. Also, to protect our network from harm and to help us ensure a high
    quality Internet experience for all of our customers, we have added language
    about reasonable network management practices that AT&T may adopt. We will
    provide you with advance notice and details if we implement new network
    management practices that directly impact your service.

    • Content: We have added language about mobile data charges for forwarding
    content from the web site to a mobile device.

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  • Mindf!3ldzX
    started a topic AT&T is the FN DEVIL

    AT&T is the FN DEVIL

    Broadband Reports is confirming that AT&T will be capping its DSL users to 150GB per month and imposing a $10 fee per 50GB for for users going over the 150 GB Cap. The service will start on May 2 with notices being sent to users from March 18th to the 31st. Bloom has reported that the cap will involve overage charges, though only users going over the 150Gb cap with have to deal with the overage charges (2% of AT&T users). AT&T will also be starting a notification system to notify users when they exceed 65%, 95% and 100% of their 150GB cap and providing users with usage tools to identify and manage users with high bandwidth usage.


    I got an email informing me that I'm at 65% of my 150GB p/month. WTF,good thing I killed the 50GB torrents I planned on downloading tonite....