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    Yep it was knoppix.

    I think I tried that Win program already, it does not work like a hotswap between deskrtop windows if I recall. It merely gave you different wallpapers on the background, and kept the same desktop icons each time....


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      These have to be the best features evar

      [ame=]ubuntu cube and other cool effects/animation - YouTube[/ame]

      EVAR I SAY!!!
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        I'll never relinquish my TRS-80 with TRS-DOS!

        1) compact design
        2) unlimited hard drive space (just buy more tapes)
        3) no distracting on-screen colors
        4) No annoying updates
        5) gigantic keyboard keys ensure letter press accuracy
        6) no one would ever want to borrow or steal it
        7) Never be concerned with upgrades
        48k of blazing fast RAM (when running TRS DOS)
        9) On the extremely off chance you get a virus, just erase the tape
        10) so far behind the times it's practically from the future

        Play Quake like you have never played it before

        10 print "Gypsy"
        20 goto 10
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          Wow, looks better than this upcoming Windows. Neat! I want one myself!


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            That was actually my first system. I wish I still had it - kinda for the same reasons someone would hold on to their old commodore 64 or atari 2600. I don't personally know of any other system that actually used a cassette tape as a hard drive lol.

            that computer actually eventually became this

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              The only reason I'm interested in Win8 is that I've heard they plan to make 360 games work on Win8. That would be pretty cool - but if i ever did use windows 8 down the line, unless it was a massive step up from 7 I'd probably just dual boot.


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                I'm not interested in Windows 8, but there is a similar movement in the Linux world right now to transition away from the standard taskbar / desktop interface, to a touchscreen-like one. It's caused a lot of controversy but a lot of people seem to like it. Why, I have no idea - it's attempting to fix a problem that doesn't exist.


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                  360 games working on Windows 8 is reason enough to buy for me.

                  Amazed they didn't do this with 7 to be honest - it's so obvious when you think about it.
                  IT LIVES!


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                    I wonder if Microsoft will create the first Holodeck software.

                    True energy / matter conversion. Not some shitty cubicle room with monitors everywhere (floors,walls,ceiling)
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                      Will the Xbox 720 run Windows 8? | ExtremeTech

                      Despite saving you $50, though, the concept of running Xbox 360 games on your PC isn’t actually all that exciting. For a start, the huge UI gulf between consoles and PCs still has to be bridged, and there’s the matter of hardware: Xbox developers write code that explicitly targets circuits (vector units, shaders) that are guaranteed to exist in an Xbox 360, but may or may not exist on the user’s PC. Instead of running natively, an emulator is a possibility — but for mouse-and-keyboard users, the UI issues will still remain.

                      There’s a much more exciting explanation for the discovery of Xbox 360-related strings in the Windows 8 kernel, however. What if the next Xbox runs Windows 8?
                      Windows 8 Code Points to Xbox 360 Game Support?

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                        Funny the TRS-80 was mentioned - I was just nostalgia'ing over downland today:
                        [ame=]Downland Classic Tandy TRS-80 CoCo 3 Color Computer ROM - YouTube[/ame]
                        and robot odyssey
                        [ame=]Let's Play Robot Odyssey 1 - Robot Anatomy, Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]

                        The first computer games I ever played


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                          I still use Windows 2000 and I'm proud of it. Windows 2000 runs very smoothly... As for Windows 8, I might try it one day. (But I'm only thinking about trying, I'm not thinking about buying.)
                          "Through my contact lenses, I have seen them all, I've seen wicked clowns and broken dreams / Crazy men in jumpsuits trying to be extreme and messing around with your computer screen" - Creative Rhyme (03/23/2012)


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                            Windows 98, 2000 and ME were the least loved OSes which is odd since I've never had a problem using them.


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                              98SE wasn't that bad
                              Win2000 definately doesn't belong being grouped to Me or any version of 98. No comparison!
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                                don't forget the pattern:
                                win95: good - yay I don't need to know how to use dos!
                                win98: bad - eww, active desktop
                                win2k: good - the stability of a server!
                                winme: bad - will you please stop crashing?
                                winxp: good - win2k... shame about the dummified UI.
                                vista: bad - my god this thing is slow
                                win7: good - still slower than xp, but hardware more than covers the difference

                                windows 8: hmm...

                                imho with windows 8 they're focusing too much on tablets. it'll probably run faster than 7, but the ui+drivers etc will hurt its public acceptance on desktops as it did with vista.

                                the xbox strings refer to a common namespace, rather than actual support. It implies they share header files between the two systems, but not that both systems will be the same.
                                Some Game Thing