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  • Cover your indecent walls!!

    Normally I'm not one for shameless plugs but I've been cookin up some work I thought some of you might be interested in!

    My dayjob is as an indie game developer, usually courting flash sponsor sites and the like. Currently I'm in the middle of a drought and looking to make ends meet. I do a lot of painting and weird hand-made crafts on the side, so I thought it high-time I open an Etsy account, see if anything sticks.

    Amon26's Orphan Peeves

    Right now I've only got a couple paintings done of characters and places from one of my most notable games; Gyossait. But in the coming days I plan to post up some awesome Quake art and a whole bunch of other goodies.

    Anyways, if you like what you see support the cause, make an order. Tell a friend, show it to your neighbor's dog. Spread the word! It'll help a fellow quaker out greatly!!

    Your friendly neighborhood Amon
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    Pooey, and I thought I was gonna stumble into Quake Art 'zone' HEH! Although I must say I liked ; Bound: Oyeatia and Gyossait & The Temptation of Brutality.
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      Ohhh? well, I told you to stay tuned


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        Neat, Etsy is a good place for art like this.

        However your presentation is fairly bland

        and by presentation I mean your logo(brand) on your Etsy Shop, it just looks like you didn't take much time on making it therefore you are either lazy, incapable of making logos(which I doubt) or both.

        Sorry to be blunt but that's how I felt looking at your shop as both an Etsy'ian and Etsy seller.

        I would invest in a good logo to be the head of your artwork. Since that's all Etsy really gives you control over make it look "THE BEST"

        Also make sure your titles use good strong keywords. Do some research on similar crafts on Etsy and see what they use for tags/titles etc... pay special attention to Etsy sellers who have high conversions instead of high volume of sales.

        I'm not "Uber Etsy" But I 've been selling stuff on Etsy for a while and I know quite a few successful Etsy artist.

        Good luck with your art Amon!
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          !! D O U B L E - P O S T!!

          You'd be surprised at how well simple things sell on Etsy

          I've really been looking for Quake wall-decor for my gaming room (Think Quake textures IRL). But the only thing I found on Etsy was silly wall stickers and such.

          I want Skinned people on my gaming wall!

          Quake One Resurrection

          Great Quake engine

          Qrack 1.60.1 Ubuntu Guide
          Get Qrack 1.60.1 running in Ubuntu!


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            You're right on that logo, Phenom. It's getting replaced here in a hot second.

            Really I'd been spending so much time waffling on whether or not/how i should even start an Etsy I basically locked myself in a limbo-cycle. So I just bit down and powered up the store as hard and fast as I could before I could slip back into that second-guessing hell

            So, look at it like a public alpha test for now I'm gona try and get you as a customer here in a few weeks. Your walls deserve some awesome quakery


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              Paint me a quake n spam make it look just the way i plan, a shambler on the edge of the bridge with a quake marine running all around, put him there in the lava pit, make it DM4, for awhile it will be dead again, can you paint be a quake n spam?

              Thxs thxs...