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YouTube commercial's and their target audience.

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  • YouTube commercial's and their target audience.

    Anyone notice that Youtube is now pushing 'Kids Commercials' , for like fucking Toys?

    Just now I was looking at movie trailers, and I seen the typical actor's and then noticed Jean Claude Van Damme, and I figured what the hell I'll check it out ; because the trailer mentioned 'a fucking Ninja' literally,I reckon that they figured the would force this new "TMNT Nickelodeon Cartoon" trailer on me too,with Michaelangelo fn talking immediately and pointing at the Skip Button saying if you don't wanna miss out on something awesome or some shit, DONT click the Skip button. ( Dragon Eyes Trailer 2 # Extended # - YouTube )

    lol, wtf. Youtube is cashing in on kids+internet+holiday season coming.

    I am amazed at the internet's "transition" from "Rebelious commercial free TV" to "Commercials EVERYWHERE YOU GO NOW" unless its a upload/link sharing site.

    Youtube and Hulu are the largest changes in Ad's Ive noticed, you used to be able to Ad Swap on Hulu, thats a long gone feature.

    Now commercials are reaching their TV counterpart's level of annoying too, the volume of commercials is typically 1/3rd louder than the shit your actually watching.
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    In addition - nearly EVERY flash ad on sites now included audio. So if like myself you tend to open multiple tabs at once (sometimes on multiple monitors) you finish up with loads of overlapping chatter and music, at the the pre-mentioned louder volumes. What will happen is everyone will install ad blockers eventually. However, this does not stop the embedded youtube ads you mention - they are the worst!


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      theres still people who dont use adblockers?
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        Youtube has ads? There are still ads on the internet?

        I'll just leave this here.