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I've lost my Quake CD!

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  • I've lost my Quake CD!

    Amazingly I have had a way to install quake locally set up until I lost my old laptop and 500GB external hd( with sensitive shit like quake obv ).

    I was wondering if anyone can help a noobie out on "Helping me find my Quake CD" so I can install and play more with you targets.

    I'm sure Mindz or Baker would know where I put my Quake 1 CD will Quake 1 full on it I miss that thing~***

    Daddies been gone, but daddy still loves and remembers every single one of his babies.
    Quake One Resurrection
    Great Quake engine

    Qrack 1.60.1 Ubuntu Guide
    Get Qrack 1.60.1 running in Ubuntu!

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    Kinda creepy, man.


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        I take it you lost your q1 cd. that's a sad feeling. A few years ago I installed q1 from disc and was playing while using the disc for the audio when suddenly the music stopped, and i heard a gut-churning *SNAP!* in the disc drive. My blood went cold as i ejected the disc.

        It was cracked clean through from the root to the edge and I just sat there in silence for a few minutes remembering the goosebumps of a 14 year old me eagerly riding home in the back of the car with eyes aglow over the dark madness awaiting inisde the digi-pack. Peeling the shrink-wrap off and pouring through the manual with feverish eyes.

        Fuck it. I still have the disc and the case. even though it's broken. Quake matters that much to me.


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          I have the original disc still.