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  • lol oh wow...

    Hackers are holding data for ransom - Video - Technology

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    This reminds me of a movie... Call 9-1-1. Call the negotiator.
    "Through my contact lenses, I have seen them all, I've seen wicked clowns and broken dreams / Crazy men in jumpsuits trying to be extreme and messing around with your computer screen" - Creative Rhyme (03/23/2012)


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      Ya I saw this the other day. If you have a business, keep your computer that you use strictly for business/banking 'offline' and separate from your network, if possible. I know this sounds silly, but for that guy in the story, does his computer that he uses to keep his inventory, and sales need to be connected to the internet 24/7?? Same as having your secretary's machine connected to a local network, and the outside world. WTF do they really NEED online?

      I once connected to a website that had a demo version of a company's product running on a virtual environment. in the HELP option of that program there was a http link to their website. Clicking on that link while testing their product on their virtual machine opened up THEIR internet explorer. If i typed c:\ in the address bar on that ie, i could instantly see the root dir on that demo machine.
      back up a branch on the filetree and i was on the network places page and could see al local machines in their office, including the developers machine with all their source code. I immedately called their tech support and told them. But had i not be a nice guy, i could have easily 'ransomed' their data.

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