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  • Us: A group for all of us


    I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do with this, but I made it anyway.

    QuakeOne - Quake 1 Resurrection - Us

    I guess this is a way for "us" to talk that doesn't get listed in the post results. If something starts happening, I'll do something. Or you could just ignore it and it will die to death.

    you tell me.

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    I don't understand what these social groups are good for. Do they add any functionality that the forum itself can't cover?
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      The only thing I can see that these do, is allow you to make discussions where you can filter the participants. In a sense anybody here can be some kind of Mod if they make a group and get others to join. Other than that it looks pretty useless to me (fluff).

      I didn't make it as a joke though. I was in my UCP and I noticed it said that i wasn't a member of any group (?) and there was a link to "join social groups", so I clicked it. I was then brought to a page that lets me make my own, so I did.

      At first I called it "The Anarchist Modified Hate Group For Potential Evil Manifestations", which, I don't even know what that means, but it sounded important. I then decided that "Us" was probably more welcoming. o.O lol

      So, IDK.. join, don't ... summin'. If people actually want to join I'll figure out something to do with it.


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        Lol, I see you signed up damage. If you don't subscribe to the group (group tools/ subscribe) you will probably never know if something happens. I still have no idea what to do with this.

        EDIT: Wait, I DO know what to do with this. I need to sign out and see somethin, brb.


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          "... The Anarchist Modified Hate Group For Potential Evil Manifestations" ???

          PUHHHLEASE... we can't even contrive any kind of super duper cool acronym from that garbage! Hehe
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            Maaaaan, what garbage, you can't even make it invisible to non-members. I had the idea that I was going to force all these guests that follow me around this site to sign up in order to read a bunch of my stuff.

            I was getting excited that I could write mega tutorials that only members can read and even move the entire parsing delimiters, sitephyre (and future things) information to somewhere where guests can't go.

            Not because I don't want guests reading my stuff, but because there is no reason for these people to be guests. Am I the only one that didn't have to pay to sign up here, or something?


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              I would have of course made posts like this on the public forum.

              It's a shame you are a guest cause we're have discussions that you can't read.
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                eh,why not? ill join.
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                  I'm in!

                  I've worked on Forums in the past, but groups are really only useful if you want to address a certain number of people out of a larger audience.

                  Clans, Teams, secret societies, they can benefit from groups.

                  In one forum I used to admin, we hosted a forum where several clans in the game can have their own threads and groups, but still have direct access to communicate with other clans to set up games with each other.

                  Each group had their own color so you can easily tell who was affiliated with which clan.
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                    @we can't even contrive any kind of super duper cool acronym from that garbage!

                    not sure how I missed that post - Yeah I know, I just stuck a bunch of semi-related words together until it was long.

                    TAMHGPEM - actually it almost sounds like it could be a monster in some Native Indian folklore.

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