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DirectQ DX11 + HD7970

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  • DirectQ DX11 + HD7970

    Got my new video card, checked to see the performance of DirectQ + my snazzy new Tahiti gpu. These are the results.

    -DirectQ 4-13-2012 ; 48% GPU load / 40%ish CPU load

    Somewhere here, MH made a change from how DirectQ's workloads are utilized and shifted some of the workload from the CPU to the GPU. I took a performance hit when I was running 5770 in Crossfire. I figured I would see a insane boost in performance ,but seen the exact same thing happen. Performance cut in half ! wtf?

    -DirectQ 11-11-2012 ; 48% GPU load / 18% CPU load

    The change under DirectQ's hood reflects this from what I seen,but how come performance didn't scale with the new GPU? In every fathomable aspect the 7970 1GPU > 5770 2GPU Crossfire............

    On another side note , I can now stare at a wall and get over 10,000 FPS, and never get less than 4,000 fps average/constant.

    Look out, I'm in the matrix yo!
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    Glad to hear you got some new gear, bro.


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      z0mg lolz nvidia is so much better than amd roflnoob got pwned kek.

      Nice card, I loved my 6870. Which manufacturer did you go with?


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        Quake One Resurrection
        Great Quake engine

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          Powercolor 7970 was the only one in when I ordered, I had originally intended on Gigabyte Windforce3, ended up here PowerColor AX7970 3GBD5-2DHV3 Radeon HD 7970 Video Card -

          Havent written a review yet, but im very pleased with the investment. I enabled every bell and whistle imaginable in Catalyst (maxd the quality) , max'd all the settings inside borderlands 2 game, then installed SweetFX filters ontop of that ~ gpu load was 100% and was never getting less than 50fps.

          I understand why AMD doesn't plan on releasing a faster gpu than the 7970 in atleast Q1/Q2/&Q3, although they have said that 2013 has zero gpu's slated that are faster than the 7970,but I think they'll drop something at christmas. most company's DO ,christmas is a epic sales holiday.

          Originally posted by Some AMD Guy
          Devon Nekechuk: The plan has always been to keep our 7900 series as the mainstay of our enthusiast product line from when we launched at the end of 2011 to the last part of 2013. So this was definitely an intentional plan.

          Dave Baumann: Yeah, there's been some hangover from the Internet hive mind that assumes that there's going to be an 8000-series refresh immediately or a year after the previous product. That's not the case. That's just why we're clarifying today.

          Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!