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Remembering the past.

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  • Remembering the past.

    How many of you remember the past of quake? Thing's such as old school server's and links to game files such as this, (The Original Proquake Link) ....

    I have an old hard drive (western digital 40gb) with tons of old files and demo's on it. It's in the storage unit currently and i just remembered it. The last time that hard drive ran was in 2002, I packed the computer up after having some problems with the computer crashing which ultimately (other then starting my career) ended my gaming days because i refused to spend the money to upgrade. I am going to 'eventually' get that hard drive out and take it to a computer shop and have them get that ****** working without reformating it (hopefully they dont have too) and get all those files transfered onto a usb drive. I have several hundred old school demos that you will not find on the internet, several old school screenshots and old school quake files that i believe should be shared with everyone especially those from the past who can't find them or even new schooler's who want to explore the past. I am also wanting to get my old config to post it and show those who have it easy these days how we old schooler's used to play with the hundreds of commands and binds we used in our configs back then. My ultimate goal is to get this done by summer time. Let's just pray that this hard drive is still operational and i can save the files on it. If all eles fails, all i can see is 'history' down the drain on my end. If you have anything that might be interesting from the past post it or share it some how. Even if it can not be used anymore it's still worth showing it for those of us interested in remembering the past.


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    I'd be interested to make some "oldschool" videos... but you have like max 3 months ahead of you


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      Hey mark, if you got any demos of me playing, let me know, id like to watch them.


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        Back then getting files for Quake always was exciting. I didn't have an internet connection at home, most people I knew didn't. Usually when someone got something new, a map or mod or anything, it got traded on floppy disks. Sometimes I got mods on floppy disks that had for instance all the sound files replaced by empty 0 kb WAVs, so the thing would be smaller and fit on less disks

        I collected all the files and burned them on a CD later on, but sadly the CD is lost now. I have no idea, where it went

        Also back then you could buy these unoffical addon CDs for Doom, Duke 3D and Quake... these things seem to have disappeared completely nowadays, back then getting one of them was phenomenal - I would always be amazed what you could find on these CDs and exploring them was fun.
        I had one for Doom, that was nothing but a whole CD full of hundreds of ZIP files. No descriptions to what they were, nothing. You literally had to unpack them all and see for yourself. Good times!

        I recently found a CD like this for Quake on eBay and I bought it - no one else was bidding. It hasn't arrived yet, I hope it does soon
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          Oh yeah? Let me tell you something! I remember a time when Quake did not exist and people did not talk about Quake... Ha, ha! Gotcha! It was a joke. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Let's paint the town green and let's drink some Irish beer.

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            You too clown