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    'Their game compatibility'? You're an idiot... It's not their fault. It's the fault of developers not taking the extra few days to make their game on a Mac (and now, with Intel processors, it would probably just take a few hours).

    But the reason for that is the Mac gaming market is small. Because people use Macs for other things, and use their console or Windows box (or the new dual-booting Windows and Mac on the same machine O_o) for games.

    So if you say Macs suck because no games are made for it, then you, as a brain-dead video-game-obsessed zombie, have no use for a Mac, but some people use these machines for other things.


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      Maybe if Macs didnt feel so much like toy computers, I would have some respect for them. But they feel as thick as the plastic they're made out of.
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        That's understandable. Well at least it's a ton slicker than the blue WinXP theme, which was derived from it. I always use the windows classic theme anywho.


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          you tell me the reason no games are made compatable for them is because developers dont make it so but then you later say that the market is small for macs

          i fail to see the logic there


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            Seighten has a good point.

            EVERY Mac user I've seen in the last 2 years has Worlds of Warcraft on their computer.

            Perhaps a smart company would realize that maybe they should prioritize making Mac versions to take advantage of the lack of game availability.
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              Please read carefully my young friend.

              My two points are:
              1. The Mac is not a gaming oriented machine. This was established over a decade ago. Therefore, developers usually don't bother with Mac support.
              2. Despite this, adding Mac support is a cinch, unless you are an idiot and built your game over the Windows API.

              edit: and now that Baker has pre-empted my post...

              Blizzard has always been good with Mac support. Most companies don't bother, which is too bad.


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                i wouldnt bother with mac support if i were a developer. from what ive read of this thread there is quite a small user base of mac users

                but if this is untrue then you may chasten me at your earliest convenience