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bridge, a 1v1 DM map.

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  • bridge, a 1v1 DM map.

    The Map

    So, this is the first map I am posting to this site.

    It's a 1v1 map that has a upper catwalk (the "bridge"), and a lower area. The goal is to get the better weaponry one the ground (RL) and get to the catwalk. There are a lot of balancing I put in to make it as fair as possible, so I hope I can get some more testers to help let me know where it's really bad. It's very small, and is supposed to be cramped and super fast.

    Demo video, courtesy of SgtPieFace


    Thanks to Cobalt and SgtPieFace for helping me test this map out!
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    Had a quick run around the map have one main niggle. There is one position in particular, YA above the enclosed RL spawn, that seems very open to abuse. From there you can stick a rocket or grenade pretty much on or near every spawn point without too much worry about return fire.
    Gonna have a proper go at it with my gaming group next time we meet up.


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      Thanks, that place was kinda there to fill up some space. If it becomes a large problem, I'll remove it or open it up.