Greetings from Brazil, Quakers!

Total Destruction (TD) is a DM and TDM mode for Quake 1 (nQ and QW).

- How to play?

NORMAL WEAPONS: Conventional weapons are used by keys 3 to 8 (SHOTGUN, FLAMEGUN, NAILGUN, GRANADE, ROCKET and THUNDER BOLT) and now they have 4 power levels: 1, 2, 3 and MAX. A weapon increases in power level when you already have it and picks up an equal one.

RUNES: Runes are artifacts that are spread over the maps and grant some kind of power to their bearer. They are: CAMOUFLAGE, ARMOR (more resistance), TURBO (faster) and REGENERATION (armor and health). When you take one of them, you get the corresponding power.

SPECIAL WEAPONS: Special weapons are scattered across the maps. They are: SMARTBOMB, PIPE BOMB, TESLA, CHAINGUN and MORTEIRO (mortar). They are unique weapons, meaning you can only take one at a time and only you will have it at that moment.

- Key binds for TD:

Impulse 1 (magic power that is born with you)
Impulse 20 (special weapon)
Impulse 22 (throw rune away)
Impulse 23 (throw away special weapon)


/bind "e" "impulse 20" // activates special weapon power (mortar, chaingun, pipebomb, etc)
/bind "q" "impulse 1" // activates the magic power that is born with you (mirror, 666, stunner, suckerball, fragger, etc.)
/bind "r" "impulse 22" // throws rune (armor, turbo, regeneration, etc.) away
/bind "f" "impulse 23" // throw special weapon away (mortar, chaingun, pipebomb, etc)

Besides these binds .. it's good to see the commands below (so you don't get lost in the game):

/gl_gibfilter 0 // pipebomb (head / backpack) appear on the map
/gl_flashblend 1 // mirror, 666 shine, shine on special weapons
/r_telesplash 1 // Teleport, Fragger appears accordingly.

- Server:

It's a TD version 2 FTE server.

Time limit: 20 minutes
Frag limit: 50 points

To turn to DM mode: type NORMAL in console

To turn to TDM mode: type MATCH in console

Original TD manual, but in portuguese language:

Hope to see you all there. Total Destruction is a fun and faster Quake 1 mode. =)