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Weekly Quake Multiplayers events at the US Quake Community.

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  • Weekly Quake Multiplayers events at the US Quake Community.

    Hey guys Its been a while since I posted so I just wanted to say yes we are still active. If your wanting to know where to play Quake 1 multiplayer or are coming back after a break come visit us at The USQC. We are playing NetQuake and QuakeWorld so it doesn't matter what your favorite flavor is or what your skill level is. For casual players we are playing NetQuake Clan Arena X and QuakeWorld FFA every single week. For those looking for a more competitive experience we have plenty of people willing to NetQuake or QuakeWorld duels. Would like to get some good team games of CTF/Speedball going in the near future. Come visit us at

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    Hi NM,
    I'm just curious, do you guys play any RQuake coop?
    Kind regards
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      We have not yet but that is something that has been on my to do list for a while now.