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Quake2 - Tsatyspleen 500 - Sunday Aug 9th 2020

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  • Quake2 - Tsatyspleen 500 - Sunday Aug 9th 2020

    It's time once again! Been a while since we did one of these. The Tastyspleen 500 is BACK! [BTF]Jehar is again hosting and organizing the event as a prelude to QuakeCon 2020, [email protected]

    Not sure yet if there's gonna be another livestream of the event... probably will be though. If so, it'll be at:
    • Quake2
    • Sunday, August 9th 2020
    • 9am Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern / 5pm Central European
    • 500 frag limit - Free-For-All (all weapons, armor, health, etc.)
    • No signups - EVERYONE WELCOME! - Join when you want, leave when you want
    • To join, type in console= connect (or add IP to address book:
    • Map: City64.bsp - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

    If you'd like to join but don't own a copy of Quake2, that's no problem. You can always use the demo version of the game coupled with an updated client to play on virtually any multiplayer server.

    Quake2 Starter = Quake II Starter - Download and play Quake II online


    Following the Tastyspleen 500, [BTF]Jehar is also organizing 3 TastyCups tournaments in Doom 2, QuakeWorld, and Quake2. Details and signups for all these cups can be found here:

    If you need to contact someone for further help or questions about anything posted here, please do so here at the original thread on the boards:

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    Good luck with the event Focalor. I hope you all have a blast.

    Kind regards
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    News: JCR's excellent ctsj_jcr map is being ported to OOT


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      Looks like they got the time for Central Europe wrong. That'll be 6PM CET, not 5pm.

      Originally posted by Mr.Burns View Post
      Good luck with the event Focalor. I hope you all have a blast.

      Kind regards
      I doubt this will get any extra traffic to the event, but at the very least, it's also a good way to spread info about this years QuakeCon 2020, [email protected]

      Due to the delightful plague of death currently being imposed upon us, large in-person social gatherings are little more than fond memories now, and QCon 2020 will be an entirely online kinda thing. So now if you're a poor schmuck who can't afford to go and you typically stay at home and stream everything about it online, you no longer have to feel excluded. because now EVERYONE will be doing it.


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        Good lord, I even spelled Tastyspleen wrong in the thread title.

        Had about 50 people drop in altogether, some to play, some to just watch for a while.

        Congrats to the winner of this years TS500, Kyper.

        Kyper uploaded a video of his POV.