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It's all about nothing really.

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  • talisa
    thats pretty awesome!
    i like papercraft, and its awesome to have some papercraft of more quake models other then shambler

    especially cant wait till you make the fiend, since its my favve monster in the game <3


    i has a lil request if i may... if you do the rottweiler, could you perhaps also make a papercraft model of capnbubs dog?

    the original dog-model looks ugly as shit cuz of all the horrible texture-stretching all over,
    and capnbubs improved model doesnt and still looks like it belong in quake cuz
    it looks the same as the original dog but just slightly more detail and no texture-stretching

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    SWEET me and the boy are loading the nerf guns and are ready to kill some monsters.

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  • MadGypsy
    That's pretty cool, man. Good Job!

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  • QuakeRoot
    started a topic It's all about nothing really.

    It's all about nothing really.

    Okay, eons ago I said I would upload 'Quake Paper Figurines' for all the monsters in Quake.

    Well... I put a lot of work into it, all the models were finished - then my kid destroyed my computer and I had to reimage it. I backed up everything but the models. It was a sad day. I just re-did a bunch of them, Hellknight, Ogre, Shambler, and Wizard are all done.

    These models should work, if you want to test them out great, if not - you're not going to break my heart (nothing like grown men playing with paper dolls) .

    They are all in .pdo format - you'll have to install Pepakura to open the files, you can assign a texture to the model from the game - whether it's the original or another custom texture, it should work just fine. I know this isn't a "super user friendly" format, but for those interested, it's not much of a hurdle.

    Let me know if you have any issues with the models, I'll eventually make simple .pdf print-outs that include the original and 3-4 custom textures each.

    The current models can be downloaded HERE!
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