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Quake-Ranger picture Finished!!!

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  • Quake-Ranger picture Finished!!!

    Woo! Three days and an all-nighter for this guy.

    Theres actually a full, 300DPI version but I couldn't put that on photobucket and certainly couldnt include it as a viewable image on this post, wouldve taken too darn long to load.

    Anyways, I hope everyone likes it

    Thanks Baker for the torso suggestion (I made the gradiation from his waist to his pectoral a little wider) and Yellow No. 5 for help with colorizing the monster. That, and my girlfriend deserves a fair bit of credit for helping me flesh out the demon over coffee and donuts :-)
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    NICE WORK! Looks AWESOME! Maybe we could make this one the site banner somehow.


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      Looks incredible! When we do our news post when get our 100th member, we'll run your drawing with it.

      Originally posted by Monster
      NICE WORK! Looks AWESOME! Maybe we could make this one the site banner somehow.
      Where do people with these incredible drawing skills come from? That looks as nice and glossy as a movie poster. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

      So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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        If only the real Quake axe was that lethal


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          hehe, well he mightve been badass enough to pull off a couple rounds from his gun while charging and at and the last moment, swoop it behind his back, pull out his axe, and chop it straight into its brain. Dinner Served

          I always envisioned the Quake Ranger to be like one of those football players that studied ballet and kung-fu to mix brute force with grace and agility.

          Originally this had a whole lot more blood in the picture, but I came to realize I can't draw copious ammounts of blood realistically so i opted for a neater looking kill.


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            Next you need to draw severed limbs and gouged out organs.


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              Amon26, if you thought of him as someone with a feminine side, check out these pictures I took of him before. They're both real poses on the player.mdl




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                HAH! awesome! Guess all that time in a twisted alternate universe will take its toll on anybody.


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                  haha i liked the last one (the feminine)

                  (tips for amon26; mayby try to use watercolor? nice job, but the airbrush takes to much time in comparison to result in my op.. and in 3-4 days u could have done it with oil or acrylic but nice work, ill post some quakepaintings later.. making one atm and got 2-3 more planned, but ill be done in a month at earliest(with them all)

                  but this is something i made for my wall
                  the plan was to cast a plastermold and make a bronzetrooper but i made some misstakes and had to make a fast one in plaster. ill try again when i got the time. would be nice with a big bronze one on the shelf ;D
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                    Holy shnikies!!

                    How on earth did you ever get the geometry of a 3d model transposed into an actual sculpture? I've always dreamt of modeling in game objects and characters as actual objects


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                      hoder <3


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                        Haha awesome. Pity about the leg. I was meaning before to make a fiend out of wire (same triangles as the computer version) and tape some paper on it and paint it, but yeah.

                        Did you get access to one of those weird 3d printer thingies for that? I sure hope you didn't do it by hand


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                          Hehe, i cheated like hell..
                          I used a papermarine but didnt get it completely airtight when making it stable with plaster, so when i filled it all collapsed
                          But i got one more to make a copy from to redo the project.
                          (i think there are programs to make cutout models like these, and if u run across any pls let me in
                          i bought mine from (roger@)
                          one more way to do it is with one of thoose ncc(?) cutting printers, would be nice to make a cast from one of them, since the paper leaves alot of "paper folding prints".. (although in this case the fold prints look assume irl)

                          but to actually make one in clay wouldent take much longer then glueing the papermarine and casting only problem(but also benefit) is that its hard to get it in perfect scale, but it leaves room for "modelling"

                          but with clay one could make em in a high fov like this